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Our time dating Arkansas

The information below tells you everything you need to know about becoming an active Arkansas voter.

Our Time Dating Arkansas

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Our students are engaged in a wide range of academic pursuits that include degree programs in undergraduate and graduate fields delivered by 6 different colleges. A-State offers unlimited possibilities for students to customize their experience while on campus. Research engages intellectual curiosity, satisfies the thirst for discovery, and provides an outlet for creativity. Marking its first hundred years, Arkansas State University continues to expand in exciting ways.

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Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

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The only time that you should call regarding an excuse is when you have a last minute emergency that cannot be handled through the mail. There are several hotels in the general downtown area. However, you do not have to serve a second time if you have served as a juror in federal or state court within the last two years and you will be excused upon request. Will I ever be required to serve late in the evening or be sequestered? The majority of employers at least make up the difference. In some instances, if you live less than 80 miles, this requirement may be waived if you show good reason for having to travel the night before.

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Should I be concerned about my safety when returning to my vehicle after hours? You should check your juror summons for a reporting date and time. What is the Automated Jury Information Line? All petit jurors serving in Helena and Jonesboro are required to serve two months or four times from their initial reporting date. Each time you are given a reporting date, you should call the Automated Jury Information Line the evening before to see whether there have been any changes to your reporting instructions.

Under federal law, employers must allow their employees time off for jury duty. If you receive this summons in the mail without a specific reporting date, you will receive a separate notice in the mail approximately one week before you are due to report. If you are not selected to serve, you could be dismissed by noon or early afternoon. What is the Automated Jury Information Line ?

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Anyone appearing on the voter registration list is subject to jury service; however, it is not a requirement that you be a registered voter to serve as a juror. If I am not selected, how do I know what to do next?

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Where did you get my name? At this time, there is no law requiring them to do so. What is the difference between a petit juror and a grand juror? Sometimes trials will run into the evening hours. My employer will not reimburse me for the amount you pay me. Messages will be available after p.

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The Automated Jury Information Line is If you live 80 miles or more from your requested reporting city, you may travel to court the evening before you are due to report and spend the night. How long is my term of service? There are no standard court hours. When will I receive payment for my jury service? You not your employer should submit a request to be excused in writing along with your questionnaire or Summons.

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Does my employer have to pay me or at least make up the difference when I serve on a jury? Your term of service depends on whether you are a petit juror or a grand juror, and where you have been summoned to serve. Once you receive a Summons, you may request an excuse in writing to the Jury Administration office upon completion of the summons form. Do you have a stub on the check breaking the amount down? Depending upon when your name was drawn in the current jury wheel, you could be summoned again in as little as a month or as long as two years.

The United States District Court randomly selects the names of our jurors from the voter registration lists for all of the counties located in our district. Juries will be selected on the first day you report for jury duty.

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We will respond to your request in writing. You should make a request to Jury Administration for permission to waive this rule. Where do I park? What fees are paid to jurors? You do not have to call the Automated Jury Information Line every night if you are serving on a trial unless you are specifically instructed by the judge to do so.

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Sequestration is always a possibility, but in the last twenty years, we have not sequestered a single jury. If that happens, you will have ample time to make any necessary arrangements and advise your family. You could report four times and never be selected to serve on a jury, or you could serve on a jury which runs that long and, consequently, you will not be required to report back.

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We do not list the mileage that you were paid since Arkansas is a direct reimbursement of your expenses and it is not recoverable by your employer. What types of cases will jurors help to decide in federal court? What if I live a long distance away and cannot possibly travel to court the same day? Jurors must call the Automated Jury Information Line,the evening before their scheduled reporting date to receive their reporting instructions.

You will be paid an attendance fee for the day you travel as well as the day you report, plus subsistence for that night. On the first day of jury duty, what happens and how long will I be there? Term of Service for Petit Jurors All petit jurors serving in Central Division are required to serve for a period of one month or report four times during their ased month. Advise jury administration, in writing, and temporary excuses may be granted for such matters. If I submit a request to be excused, do I still need to complete the juror questionnaire? Basically, four times means that you are required to report for our days.

If you dating selected to serve, time will most likely begin the trial that day. Jury payments are processed on Friday and checks are mailed to your mailing address within two weeks of your service.

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The Automated Jury Information Line is a pre-recorded message machine which is used to inform our jury panels of their final reporting instructions. Why does the questionnaire ask about my race and gender? If a trial runs longer than four days or dating than your month's term, you are our to complete your service for that trial. An employee cannot be punished by their employer in any way for jury service.

If you have received a Questionnaire for jury service, the only requests for excuse that will be considered at this time are the three listed on the questionnaire. You may wish to consult your local phone directory for the names of the hotels. What are the boundaries of the Eastern District of Arkansas? Term of Service for Grand Jurors If you are a grand juror, the term of service is 12 months with no maximum of times to report.

You will be told before you leave when to report back or that you are excused until further notice. When am I supposed to serve on jury duty? If you are excused until further notice, you will receive a letter notifying you when next to report. Does my employer have to let me off for jury duty? Federal employees are paid an attendance fee only during the hours they would not be at work. I feel like I need to be excused, but my reasons do not fit any of the listed reasons on the questionnaire.

We need the information contained on your questionnaire for statistical purposes--even if you have been excused. If I am asked to come to Little Rock and must travel, where do I spend the night and how do I pay for it? If you have moved, but still reside in the boundaries of our district, you will be subject to jury service. However, most trials run from a. Should I call the Court to be excused from service? Little Rock, When you make your reservations, please advise the hotel time you are a federal juror and you should receive the government rate.

After I have served a term, when can I be called back to serve again? We do not have a stub itemizing your days of Arkansas.

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How many days do the trials last? What is the subsistence rate? What if I have vacations or important events scheduled during my term? Race and gender are not factors in determining your eligibility to serve as a juror. We change our jury wheels every year.

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In most instances, you will be required to report once a month until your term has expired. By answering this question, you help the federal courts check and observe the juror selection process so that discrimination cannot occur.