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Original dating Santa Cruz reviews

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Original Dating Santa Cruz Reviews

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Hyundai isn't fooling anyone, and to its credit, it isn't trying to. The Hyundai Santa Cruz is a compact pickup truck, yes, but it isn't a truck for people who buy Fs. It isn't even a truck for people who buy Tacomas. It's a truck for people who live in big cities and drive 45 minutes out of town to go hiking, mountain biking, surfing, or whatever on the weekend. How much truck do city people really need, and more importantly, how much truck do they really want to park?

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Car Tech Features View All. Chicago Detroit. In Smart mode, the system predicts predictability, so unpredictable driving behavior can cause the transmission to hesitate.

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Even though the Santa Cruz shares a platform with the Tucson, that turbo-4 shares a bay with the larger, heavier Santa Fe. The combination works well in the Santa Cruz. A bit of excusable turbo lag gives way to max torque coming on at 1, rpm, and in Sport mode the 8-speed stays in the rev range for plentiful power when called upon, or the transmission can be overridden with paddle shifters.

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When cruising on the highway, torque goes to the front wheels for efficiency and the MacPherson front struts and multilink rear suspension soak up the road like a good crossover. Viknesh Vijayenthiran - Editor.

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The bed and flip-up rear seats ensure that getting gear in and out is easier than strapping anything into roof racks lb capacity on the Santa Cruz. Convinced that it could handle fire ro or rutted old mining paths, I turned off the stability control and kicked up rooster tails of chalk dust.

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Some questions divide us: Is there a God? Is a hotdog a sandwich? Joel Feder - Interactive Content Manager. The Santa Cruz has a Subaru Outback-like 8. Motor Authority Newsletter up to get the latest performance and luxury automotive news, delivered to your inbox daily!

Is the Hyundai Santa Cruz a pickup truck?

Up front, the Santa Cruz looks a lot like the Tucson with its black-gloss Trailer sway control comes standard, as does prewiring for a 7-pin harness on top trims. The bed is where the similarities between the Santa Cruz and every other pickup truck end, however.

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Frankfurt Geneva. To secure the max lb of payload in back, the Santa Cruz comes with six tie-downs and four D-rings to secure items, while twin storage boxes and one volt outlet simplify camping needs.

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Stephen Edelstein - Contributing Writer. Motor Authority Newsletter. If bread makes a sandwich a sandwich, then it stands to reason that a bed makes a pickup truck a pickup.

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Privacy Policy. Hyundai kept us from the base hp 2. up to get the latest performance and luxury automotive news, delivered to your inbox daily! Hyundai says four bikes can fit with the front wheels hanging over the tailgate, or 4x8 sheets of plywood can fit above the wheel wells when strapped in with the tailgate down.

Hyundai santa cruz first look: return of the compact truck

Los Angeles New York. Five step surfaces on the rear bumper, including corner steps like on the Chevy Colorado, make getting in and out of the bed easy.

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Share This Article:. Toyota trademarks Hybrid Max name, perhaps for a Tundra hybrid? Based on the redeed Hyundai Tucson and its unibody platform, but competing in a resurrected small pickup truck segment headlined by the Ford Maverick, the four-door Santa Cruz most resembles the short-lived Subaru Baja from 20 years ago. On narrower ro, like winding up and down mountain slopes flanked with giant redwoods, the Santa Cruz takes on a sportier character.

Classify the Hyundai Santa Cruz however you want, but keep in mind that a hot dog falls under the genus of sandwich.

Acceleration feels quick enough to estimate a mid-six second time from mph in my top Limited trim. Lamborghini's bringing back the Countach. Both tailgates can be adjusted between the horizontal or vertical position. Toyota reveals more of its redeed Tundra, including rear coil springs. It has a lockable handle, and Hyundai says the cover is water resistant, though not waterproof.

The long, tortuous wait for the hyundai santa cruz

I look forward to a deeper dive on towing and off-roading next time I encounter a Santa Cruz, but for now it occupies a unique and compelling space. A factory-installed tonneau cover standard on SEL Activity trim and above retracts on a roller and can be pulled shut with a strap. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. Follow Us on Instagram motorauthority. The truck itself is also more than 2.

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An available surround-view camera system with all the views helps avoid obstacles while off-roading. Up Today!

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Torque shifts to the rear axle when gassing it out of dips and banks in the road, and the beefier shocks from the Santa Fe conspire with the wide stance and self-leveling rear suspension to balance the load and keep the small truck planted. Mazda patent drawing shows coupe resembling stunning RX-Vision concept.

Toyota 40 Series Land Cruiser replacement parts head back into production. The Santa Cruz weighs about the same as the Santa Fe at 4, lb, but its smaller cabin proportions and taller ride height make it feel livelier. Contribute: Send us a tip Contact the editor. Follow Us Today:.