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Attend the hearing and be prepared to present your case to the judge or referee. It might also include certificates of accomplishment or other documents that show you have made mature decisions.

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You will need to know some things before you start. If there are hearings or court dates coming up, the case is pending. If you are emancipated, your parents are still legally obligated to support you. Be sure you understand them before you file Michigan petition.

You will also need an adult who knows you to complete the affidavit on the petition. Be ready to talk about the things you wrote in your petition. This might include pay stubs from your job or receipts for essentials you paid for yourself. You will need to know if you or your family have ever had a family court case.

Your parents will get to ask them questions, too. If you order it by mail, you can mature with free money order or certified check. If so, you will need to know:. To start an emancipation proceeding, you must file a Petition for Emancipation. It is made under oath, which means the person making it swears it is true. To learn what it means to be emancipated, read What is Emancipation? These rights and duties continue until turns 18 years old. Arrive 10 or 15 minutes before your hearing is scheduled. Guardians and custodians also have a duty to care for and support the children in their custody.

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The judge or referee could also schedule another hearing date to finish your case. Dress neatly. If there has been a judgment or a final order in the case, it is probably not still pending. You can ask witnesses to come to court and testify. If you are a minor child being abused or if you know a minor child who is being abused, you can report this by calling Children's Protective Services at or calling This article explains the process of getting emancipated by a court.

Needs-based assistance, such as cash assistance and food stamps, are not part of supporting yourself. The person completing the affidavit will need to it in front of a notary.

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They are not responsible for any debts you incur as an emancipated minor. But they change when is emancipated. To learn more about how to serve these documents, see the checklist in the Emancipation — Becoming an Adult Before Age 18 toolkit. Some counties might also take personal free. You can also order a certified copy of your birth certificate from the Michigan Office of Vital Records. You will need to show the judge you can manage your own financial affairs. You will need to tell the judge you can manage your personal and social affairs. You need something more. The judge will want to know who you work for and if you know how to handle your money.

This must be someone who is willing to say that they believe emancipation is in your best interests. A case is still pending if it is open and active. If the mature investigates your petition, a court employee Michigan look into what you said in it. You or your parents can ask the judge to rescind or cancel the emancipation order.

Bring any witnesses and your evidence with you. AND you can manage your own financial, personal, and social affairs, and you understand your responsibilities as an emancipated person. If they come to your hearing, the judge may also ask them questions. A notary can usually be found at a bank or the court clerk's office. Read Fee Waivers in Court Cases to learn when and how to ask for this.

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Evidence is what you show a court to prove your case. Talk to that person about why you want to be emancipated.

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Parents also have the right to make decisions for their minor children. Bring all your evidence to court with you. This person may contact you, your parents, and the person who made the affidavit. You must also serve a Notice of Hearing on the person who ed the affidavit. When you file your papers to start your case, you will have to arrange for someone to give each parent a copy of the papers you filed. If you order it in person, you can pay with cash. The hearing will take place at the time and place written on the Notice of Hearing.

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To learn more about how to file your petition and other forms, see the checklist in the Emancipation — Becoming an Adult Before Age 18 toolkit. After you file your petition, you will need to have a copy of each paper you filed served on your parents. Think about whether your parents are likely to object to the petition. If you have a guardian or custodian, wherever it says parents in this article, assume it means your guardian or custodian instead or as well.

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In some counties you need a photo ID to order a certified copy of your birth certificate. You can order it online, by mail, or in person at the Office of Vital Records in Lansing.

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You will need to read and understand the laws about emancipation. This is called having the papers served. Any witnesses you ask to speak on your behalf may write a letter or an affidavit, but it is best if they appear in court as well. This means you need help from an adult you are close to, whose job is one of those on the list.

The affidavit is on the second of the petition. Include free evidence you have with your petition. Parents have a duty to care for and support their children. You can use the Do-It-Yourself Emancipation tool to create your petition.

This might include:. Evidence also includes testimony from witnesses. If you prove this, the judge will emancipate you if you meet the other requirements. The judge or referee may hear your entire case at mature first hearing. After you finish using the Do-It-Yourself Emancipation tool, print the petition and give it to the person doing the affidavit. Other counties will accept other forms of ID. In most counties, you can order your copy in person, by mail, by fax, or online.

An affidavit is a written statement. Be prepared to spend most of the Michigan or afternoon in court. They might talk to other people, too. This may happen if:.

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They are MCL The petition you will file includes a statement that you have read these. Ask the person if they are willing to fill out the affidavit portion of your petition. You may be able to order a certified copy of your birth certificate from the vital records office of the county where you were born.