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Any portion of the yearly loan eligibility that was not utilized during the fall and spring semester may be awarded in the summer semester. If you should receive an additional resource after you have been awarded you should report it to our office immediately. Many federal student aid programs require applicants to demonstrate a financial need to be considered eligible for that program.

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Once your FAFSA is received it will be processed for a financial aid award or we may request additional information or documentation. If you are concerned about your eligibility because of a drug offense, you should contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center at for assistance. The MPN can be used to make one or more loans for one or more academic year up to 10 years. There are no penalties in applying for federal aid; any loan offers that result from completing the FAFSA may be declined. Carefully review the SAR to make sure that all the information is accurate, as The University of Alabama will receive the same information.

If you are in need of additional funding for summer, then you may consider a Federal Direct PLUS Loan or a loan through a private lender. Keep in mind that award amounts vary and depend upon your financial need as determined by the federal government.

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The primary difference between the two is the interest rate and when the interest begins to accrue. You can apply online at www. We encourage all students to apply by the December 1 priority date, as some resources are limited and may run out. Direct Loan funding eligibility is based on your grade level and dependency status and are subjected to yearly loan limits and aggregate lifetime loan limits.

According to federal regulations the Student Financial Aid Office is required to adjust your award if changes in your eligibility occur due receipt of an additional resource.

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Only undergraduates with demonstrated financial need are eligible for Subsidized Loans. The Master Promissory Note is a binding legal document that you must when you get a federal student loan. Undergraduate students must enroll for at least 6 credit hours and graduate students must be enrolled in 4.

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It is important to monitor your myBama and check your Crimson for updates. Please visit our Cost of Attendance for in-state and out-of-state tuition and fees for the current academic year. Returning students with complete applications will be awarded at the end of June. Students will receive notification via their Crimson address regarding their eligibility status for summer.

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Financial aid is financial assistance from all sources that can be used to help pay for your educational expenses. The Student Services Office administers billing transactions and can address any concerns you may have regarding your student.

The student financial aid office uses federal regulations to determine the amounts each student may borrow by considering the cost of attendance and other financial aid. After you apply for federal aid you may be offered either a subsidized or unsubsidized loan, or a combination of both. If you are a dependent student, it does not mean that your parents are required to pay anything toward your education, including their information is simply the method The Department of Education uses to look at everyone in a consistent manner. Additionally, if you drop a course or withdraw from the semester, you may be required to return some of your financial aid.

Payment plans are offered through the Student Services Office, for more information. This report details the information that you provided and informs you of any corrections that are needed to complete the application. Note that for many loans interest will accrue during the free period. A list of eligibility criteria is available on the Federal Student Aid website. If you are expecting when you fill out your FAFSA you should answer yes to the applicable dependency status question and include the unborn child in your household size.

Federal regulations dictate when aid can be disbursed. Only the parents of dependent online may apply for a PLUS loan to offset costs. Federal regulations limit the of times a student may repeat a course and receive financial aid for that course. The amount of your financial aid award will be affected by whether you are a full time or part time student and whether you attend school for a full academic year or less. Your financial aid package may include funds from any of the following major federal student aid programs:.

Check on the current loan fees for federal student loans at studentaid. A student must be enrolled dating a regular student in an eligible program in order to receive federal student aid. The of your application will be sent UA and to you in the form of a Student Aid Report SAR by mail or if Tuscaloosa provided an address within business days. Financial aid is disbursed at the beginning of each semester, a few days prior to the first chat of class.

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More information about how funds are returned. Direct loans have a grace period or a period of time after students graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time enrollment before repayment begins. You can borrow less than what is offered or you can decline the full offer through your myBama. If you are in need of additional funding beyond the federal aid you were awarded, you could consider a Parent PLUS Loan or a private student loan.

All financial aid refunds are issued by the Student Services Office; you may check their website for more detailed information. Summer federal aid awards are made in April after registration opens for the summer term. Financial need is the difference between your cost of attendance, as determined by our office, and your expected family contribution.

Once you become a recipient you are responsible for continuing to meet basic eligibility criteria, meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, and completing the FAFSA every year. In either situation you will most likely be required to provide documentation from a physician regarding the expected child to our office. Interest rates on federal student loans are determined by Congress.

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Visit the Federal Student Aid website for the most recently published interest and fee rates. To find out if you qualify due to your job, disability, or other circumstances you must contact your loan servicer. Federal student loans have origination fees that are deducted proportionately from each loan disbursement. You can find more information about how funds are returned at Student Services. All students are encouraged to use the Net Price Calculator for more detailed information. Eligibility for aid depends upon your Expected Family Contribution, grade level, enrollment status, dependency status, availability, and the Cost of Attendance.

Students who are currently in default on educational loans are not eligible to receive federal financial aid. When your FAFSA information is reviewed and a financial aid award is constructed for you, your award will include the maximum amount of federal aid you may be eligible for at that time. Once your financial aid file is complete, you will receive an award notification. If you have not received an award notification, log into myBama and check the status of your application. However, you will not have to complete a new FAFSA again, but you would have to send your information to your other school by adding their school code to your application.

We always award students with their maximum eligibility in federal aid based on availability of funding. If you have ly received federal student aid, you may not be eligible to receive additional federal aid if while you were enrolled and receiving federal student aid you had a drug offense for selling or possessing illegal drugs and that offense led to a conviction under federal or state law.

More information.

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Please note: Parent PLUS or Graduate PLUS loan applications that did not select the option to authorize loan proceeds to pay of all charges on the student will not be disbursed until all charges other than tuition, room, and meal plan charges are paid. Only students who have completed all requirements necessary to disburse funds can expect to receive an aid disbursement during the week that classes begin. If you marry after filing the FAFSA you will have the opportunity to update your marital status later.

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Direct Unsubsidized Loans are available to undergraduate and graduate students; there is no requirement to demonstrate financial need. This application is used to determine which federal aid programs you will be awarded. However, because of federal loan limits, students may not have enough federal funds to cover all of their educational costs. Once your default status is resolved, you must provide a letter from your loan servicer s stating that the default status has been cleared and that you are again eligible to receive federal financial aid.

Your answers to questions on the FAFSA determine whether you are considered a dependent or independent student. Please be aware that not living with your parents or not being claimed by them on tax forms does not make you an independent student for purposes of applying for federal student aid. You can find contact information for Student Services on their website. However, if you miss the December 1 priority date this does not mean you are disqualified for financial aid.

The availability of summer aid is dependent upon how much aid the student used during the school year. You should only borrow what you need, therefore if you accept a loan but determine that you do not need the full amount contact our office to make an adjustment or to cancel your loan.

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However, you are not required to accept the full amount of the offer. In certain situations you can have your federal student loan forgiven, canceled or discharged. Your loan servicer or lender must provide you with a loan repayment schedule that states when your first payment is due, the and frequency of payments, and the amount of each payment. You do not have to begin repaying Federal Direct Student Loans until after you leave college or drop below half-time enrollment. Generally, scholarships, departmental funding, assistantships or any other types of funding applied to your student to pay for tuition or fees are considered to be additional resources.

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Due to availability and other factors such as cost, you may not be able to receive the same amounts and types of aid. To apply for federal aid you must meet general eligibility requirements. If you have already received your award notification or if your application has already been verified, contact the Student Financial Aid office to determine if the correction is appropriate. If you withdraw from one or all of your classes, you may be required to return some of your financial aid. If your FAFSA information or other educational information changes, your aid eligibility may also be adjusted.

This means the money you receive will be less than the amount you actually borrow. The Student Financial Aid Office recommends that you contact your lender and attempt to make a satisfactory payment arrangement with them.

If your loan has already disbursed to your student our office can process any requested adjustment within 30 days at which point you may return the funds to the Department of Education. However, PLUS loans enter repayment once your loan is fully disbursed paid out. Follow the steps below if you have received notification of your financial aid award. Any additional resource that is available to you is taken into consideration when calculating your aid eligibility.