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Discreet meets of Flint

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Discreet Meets Of Flint

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They were high school sweethearts.

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We want it cleaned right now. Gavin: [inaudible ]. Lee Anne: Hug then. Lindsey: Not a monkey, he tells me. Lindsey: The rash was bad enough that Walters took him to the doctor. Her tap water looked exactly the same. Lindsey: 4-year-old Gavin Walters has his rally cry down. Walters really had some doubts about the scabies diagnosis, especially after the party. He sad he was sorry to an entire city. Al: Flint, Michigan is a working-class city of aboutpeople, majority African Americans.

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His twin brother, Garrett, got the rush, too. A couple of red maple trees shade the tiny front yard.

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Squarespace, build it beautiful. Once it boils, she dumps the water in the bathtub. We do baby wipe baths in between.

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Back when Flint was buying Detroit water, she only replaced it a couple times a year, so she called the city out to come take a look. They ended up meeting again years and years later. Reveal transcripts are produced by a third-party transcription service and may contain errors.

Lee Anne: Hey, Gavin, what do we say about the water? Every week we drop a new episode. She had just set up the swimming pool in the side yard for the summer. Walters rubbed the prescription cream on her twin boys from the neck down. Then, Walters noticed something. Eight months after Flint started pumping its drinking water from the Flint River, Lee Anne Walters stopped letting her kids drink it, everyone from the 4-year-old twins to her teenagers, JD and Kaylie. People in Flint started complaining about their tap water early in the summer of That was right after Flint made a big switch, started pumping its drinking water from the Flint River.

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Lee Anne: We quit drinking the water in December when my year-old got sick and it started coming through our filter, out the kitchen sink brown. Start your free trial today at squarespace. Lee Anne: The doctors kept telling us it was contact dermatitis. Lee Anne: I spent a ton of money because all the laundry that we had, all the bedding that we had, we took it to a laundromat.

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Gavin and his twin brother, Garrett grew up in Flint. Lee Anne: She verified by doing the skin scrapes, there was no scabies, there was no live anything, no dead anything, no eggs. Gavin: Yeah.

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Or the podcast app of your choice:. Lindsey: Tiny mites cause scabies. Mike: Yeah, I remember this fairly well. You just assumed the water is fine. She took Gavin to a dermatologist down in Brighton. Up until October, the Walters lived in a yellow, 2-story home on the south side of Flint. A few weeks after the switch, Walters noticed something was weird.

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He had that rash for more than a month straight. I love you. Up until then, Flint had gotten its water from Detroit. Gavin: No [inaudible ] water, the water is bad. The catastrophe the governor is talking about has to do with their tap water, something most of us take for granted.

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Al: But there was a problem for the people who use the water. Lindsey: That was December Walters says the water had this orangeish-brown tinge that would not go away, even when she put a fresh cartridge in the water filter. Al: Residents knew something was wrong, but getting officials to listen was nearly impossible. Lee Anne: We took him in, and they told us it was scabies so we treated them with a pesticide. Lee Anne: We had to redo all the plumbing.

Speaker 3: Anyone who is concerned about lead in the drinking water in Flint can relax. Lee Anne always makes the kids costumes. Reporter Lindsey Smith begins the story in October of last year when she went to visit a family that found itself at the center of the Flint water crisis. After denying there was a problem for more than a year, state and city officials finally admitted it — there was too much lead in the water.

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Same diagnosis. No citizen of this great state should endure this kind of catastrophe. Gavin: [inaudible ] because Mikey fight bad guys.

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We even solved that, the whole house filter. Squarespace is trusted by millions of people and some of the most respected brands in the world. Usually we can clear something up in that amount of time. Lee Anne: Yeah. At this point, she was putting a fresh cartridge in the water filter at least a couple times a month. The Walters are one of these families that takes it pretty seriously., the leading online dating resource for singles, marrieds or divorcees. search through thousands of personals and photos. go ahead, it's free to look!

Lindsey: Walters grabs the boys down with baby wipes almost every day. Walters he to the back of the house in a small room, off of the kitchen where the family keeps its stockpile of bottled water. Squarespace sites look professionally deed regardless of your skill level, with no coding required.

Since her water was still discolored, I started to worry more about corrosion. Someone had stripped all the plumbing. Lee Anne: Give me a smooch.

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Walters takes jugs of water she buys at the store, dumps them in large pots and heats the water on the stove. Speaker 5: Reveal is brought to you by Squarespace, the all-in one website platform. The story has been making national news. A complaint had come through from her about discolored water, orange water. Once a week we go and we fill 40 gallons of water so that we have water to drink with, to cook with and to bathe Gavin and Garrett in. She leans in close for a kiss. Preparing for bath time is quite the choir. Lee Anne: Okay.

Gavin: I love you, too, mommy. Mike: I just happened to have some lead and copper sample bottles with me. Fell back in love, have the twins. Garrett: Yeah. Something clicked.

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He ed the Navy, ended up serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lindsey: Later, Walters says her doctors suggested it was eczema. Get it in your inbox.

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It still had this orange tinge. You may have heard about the problems in Flint: about how the tap water can be brownish, stinky, funny-tasting. They just bought the house. They sent Mike Glasgow.

Lee Anne: All the people that were here swimming and drinking the water, all of them broke out. We can flush hydrants. Lindsey: When I saw Gavin last, Halloween was just around the corner. This is our water stash. The fight for clean, safe drinking water has become a family affair. Then she adds 3 or 4 gallons of cool water to get the bath at the right temperature.