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Dating vietnamese Gainesville guy

October 26, National. Tony Magnifico is different from most American veterans of the Vietnam War in that he actually considers the southeast Asian nation to be his home. The couple now lives in Gainesville, where our conversation took place Oct.

Dating Vietnamese Gainesville Guy

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Matthew got Strange's after reaching his sister Darlene through cousins. He was promoted to police officer in December after completing the academy.

Maybe it was just in time. Along the way, he worked at Motorola, and he married Maria, a native of Peru.

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She had three children from a marriage, but formed a relationship with the young soldier. Published Jun 15, PM. He never thought he'd meet his father. She loved all the attention.

Strange, who lives in Nashville, N. He was transferred to Cantoe a few months later and was there for three months before returning to the States. And I said 'what long-lost son?

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Eventually, they heard from one of the distant cousins and navigated their way to Mike Strange. There are a lot of butterflies but they're all good.

Strange stayed in West Palm Beach for nine days, so he could be by Andrew's side when he had his surgery and also see his granddaughter Lauren graduate from Oxbridge. May 10 was a day teeming with emotion at the Ngyuen home in suburban West Palm Beach.

And that when he came to the States, he was living in Newport News.

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He knew only that he was an American. Andrew graduated from Twin Lakes High School in and went to then Palm Beach Community College where he got an associate's degree before moving to Florida Atlantic University for a bachelor's in electrical engineering.

They looked at you in a different way.

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He worked a couple hours a week in the hospital, while his mother and older siblings worked longer hours. The call lasted 10 minutes. Me and Andrew met, and Andrew got to see his grandma — she's 94!

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And like a of American GIs, he returned to the States after his tour ended. That call lasted two hours. He made it to America, and eventually to the Palm Beach Police, where he is an officer. He and his sister gave the kit to their dad for his birthday in March. All the while, his doctors monitored his heart condition — bicuspid aortic valve. He says he had often wondered about his child back in Vietnam and his child's mother. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, that meeting would have to wait.

She's told everyone in North Carolina about her grandson and great-grandchildren. Little did he know that he would have a son born on that day, four years later.

Family reasons brought him back to West Palm less than three years later. His main concern, Strange says, was to be with Andrew for the surgery and to be in West Palm for a while. With that information in hand, Matthew decided he would get a DNA test done to try to find his grandfather. Mike Strange, his mother and brother would arrive later that day. On April 17, Matthew called his grandfather. I'm an hour and a half from Newport News.

Vietnam: land of 'leftovers'

The valve deteriorated over time and early this year his doctors decided he needed surgery because his worsening condition had resulted in severe aortic stenosis, which is a narrowing of the heart's aortic valve. He was able to put together the pieces of his life — across continents, cultures and generations.

We talked about the hard times she had trying to leave Vietnam. He would not have needed the name if his grandfather was on the Ancestry. Mike Strange ed the U. Army on March 7,two weeks after graduating from high school.

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Sometimes two and three times a day since we first connected. Instead, they spent almost nine months awaiting sponsorship from any non-communist country that would have them.

Mike strange: the gi who never forgot

When Strange spoke to the Daily News on May 9, he was bursting with excitement because he was leaving for West Palm Beach the following day. We talked about Andrew and what a fine young man he is. Andrew's son Matthew couldn't shake the idea of finding out more about his paternal grandfather. We talked about how lucky we are to have found each other after all these years and where we would like our relationship to go. Meanwhile, the family was bracing itself for Andrew's heart surgery in three days. The couple has two children.

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Whatever the good Lord gives me — to just build on what we have. They ended the phone call, but planned a Zoom call later that day.

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When Andrew was 16, the sponsorship came through: the U. Catholic Church in Newport News, Virginia. He went to Vietnam for the first time inbefore rotating out to Germany for nine months. Now that he's found his, distance will never come between them again. He saw Andrew's mother again, too.

How did his mother handle the long trip? They spent about four months in Newport News, but winter proved too cold for his mother, so they reached out to a cousin who lived in West Palm. We only think about the future. Did 31 months total. You have an idea you have — you didn't know if it was a boy or a girl and what happened to them after the communists took over. I just said 'Hi, Dad' and we hugged each other for a few minutes. He lived, even though he was born with a heart defect on March 7,in Saigon. His four other children — three boys and a girl — were thrilled to have another brother, he says.

He even met his American father. It worked out well.

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That was a long shot for leftovers. He knew she was four months pregnant when he left Saigon. We talk on the phone daily and hope that we can have a wonderful friendship. He continued his life in the U. Strange, who's been divorced for 20 years, says he never forgot about Kim and the child.

They ended the Zoom call with plans to meet in person. Strange also visited Andrew's colleagues at the Palm Beach Police department, where Andrew will return from leave July 13, and he's called or texted his son every day.

But he wanted more, so he attended the police academy part time while working full time as a parking enforcement officer. That happened last month: May 10, days before Andrew was scheduled for heart surgery. When the came back, there were 50 possible matches for relatives, mostly third and fourth cousins. Andrew says he reluctantly agreed to do the DNA test. I told him it took me a while to find him and that I have to go in for surgery.

He moved his young family to Maryland for a job with the Navy doing research and development. No talking at all. Andrew grew up in Saigon, always aware that he was different. Andrew and his siblings were taught English and basic job skills. Andrew was diagnosed more than 20 years ago and had been monitored by doctors since then.

She drove to Virginia and brought them to Florida. They were not guaranteed entry to the United States.