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Dating South Dakota breaker

It wasn't until October 2, that the name of the vessel was finally revealed to the public. This article does not seem to give a complete picture of the South Dakota's role in the battles of Santa Cruz and Guadalcanal, especially the planes shot down in defense of Enterprise and the power failure during the engagement with Kirishima.

Dating South Dakota Breaker

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High res photo courtesy of newyorkshipbuildingcorporation. Submitted by Pieter Bakels. Completing fitting out and shakedown training in June, at Philadelphia Navy Yard. Donald C. Guelich, QM 3C saw a Japanese torpedo plane coming in on the starboard side, launching its torpedo. The scene is the yards of the New York Shipbuilding Corp.

Main deck looking aft from frame USN photo courtesy of Pieter Bakels. The insert shows the division, as opposed to fleet, flagship version. The plane just kept coming; the pilot must have been hit. Firing the 1. This view, taken looking forward from Frameshows the ship's interior amidships, including six major watertight transverse bulkhe and anti-torpedo longitudinal bulkhe along the sides. Wing tank torpedo defense system is clearly shown. Navy ships firing at attacking Japanese carrier aircraft during the battle, 26 October Enterprise CV-6 is at left, with at least two enemy planes visible overhead.

One of the straps let go and it swung like a pendulum and went straight down, harmlessly in the sea, not yards from the ship".

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Photo from Henderson Daily Dispatch. It burned and crashed into the sea without hitting.

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Henderson, N. The South Dakota BB was a new class of battleship, and was frequently referred to as "Battleship X" so as not to reveal her identity to the Japanese. Photo from Evening Star. Finally, the nose of the plane went up in the air and I could see the colored stripes painted on the torpedo.

Visible are foundations for turret 1, barbette for turret 2, auxiliary machinery room, and four combination fire-engine rooms. Workmen who have long-time employment records with the firm guided massive steel plates into place, bolted and welded them, while other workers looked on. It did not penetrate but deformed two of the three Inch barrels of 2 turret.

The model also shows the usual prewar compliment of foot al range finders including one atop No. Note, too, the usual pair of boat cranes.

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Every effort has been made to list the newest contact if more than one contact was found. Source: United States National Archives photo. Porter had been torpedoed and sunk two days earlier, during the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. Note the inward slope of the side bulkhe, corresponding to the slope of the battleship's side armor.

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He wrote: "A Japanese torpedo plane was coming in through a maze of bursts from 20mm, 40mm and 5-inch guns. Flying shrapnel damaged a 40mm quad and hit Captain Gatch standing on the catwalk of the bridge, wrote Donovan D. Graham, ased to the Deck Division aboard South Dakota.

Another 20 feet and the battleship would have lost rudders and propellers. At this stage the fleet flagship had a two-level conning tower, flag facilities being accomadated in the after half of the al level. When the New Jersey BB was being refitted inworkmen found the original boat skids under these platforms. Gun crew with 1. Serving in the South Pacific until Decemberhe distinguished himself in that role in the Pacific Theater of Operations in battles such as the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands during the Guadalcanal campaign.

These contacts are compiled from various sources over a long period of time and may or may not be correct. If another person now is the contact, E-mail me and I will update this entry.

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Note the centerline 5-inch guns. The object atop the conning towers is a spotting glass, which actually was installed aboard the South Dakotas but not aboard these ships.

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Philadelphia, PA. Harlan J. Ralph A. Photo created by Acme Newspicturescourtesy of Bill Gonyo. Hull test model for the South Dakota class BB - 60 battleships. Val divebomber goes down in flames as a near-miss rocks the Enterprise CV South Dakotaradically, unpredictably manoeuvring within yards of the carrier Enterprise where her powerful defensive armament of 10 newly fitted 40mm quadruple mounts, replacing the unsatisfactory 1.

Machinery,SHP; G. Geared Turbines, 4 screws. Note the widely spaced skegs, supporting the outboard propeller shafts, that were a unique feature of this battleship class.

It rode through the sea and passed close by the stern. Members of a Inch turret crew looking through periscope for a view of the outside action. That pilot had a lot of guts and knew his trade and, as he was flying by, both ships let loose with their and 20mm guns. He received two Navy Crosses for his service and the Purple Heart. National Archives.

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Speed, 27 Knots, Crew The contact listed, Was the contact at the time for this ship when located. New York Shipbuilding took pride in their work, with a over the yard entrance, which read, "The Birthplace of "Battleship X". South Dakota BBas seen in late The double bottom is being plated over and a portion of the holding bulkhead up to the triple bottom is in place. The South Dakota was deed as a fleet flagship from the outset, so she sacrificed two 5" mounts for flag officer space. The ship received a direct hit from a pound bomb on top of Main Battery Turret 1.

Text courtesy of Bill Gonyo.

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The anti-aircraft battery pumping out shells at the Battle of Santa Cruz, 26 October Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, October South Dakota BB firing her anti-aircraft guns at attacking Japanese planes during the action, 26 October A Japanese Type 97 Shipboard Attack Aircraft "Kate" is at right, apparently leaving the area after having dropped its torpedo.

Central Press photo.

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Summer of She is still armed with her deed A. The rest of the class were armed with the standard ten twin mounts. A Kate torpedo bomber races for its target just before being hit. Photo and text courtesy of U. Note the hull slot, which was fared over when the ships were built.

Photo courtesy of the George D. A forward looking ship enters the waters in the opposite direction; 7 JuneSouth Dakota BB touches the waters. Attack on the Enterprise CV One plane is pulling out and heading for the South Dakota BB A gun captain points out a Japanese Kate torpedo bomber moving in to launch a torpedo. Those little things that just might come in handy in case of war: 5" turrets awaiting the South Dakota BB at Philadelphia Navy Yard, Source: United States National Archives photo courtesy of life.

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They were never fitted, and the planned boat stowage was replaced by three quadruple 40mm mounts on each side, on high platforms. I could see the pilot and the torpedo strapped under the plane.

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A high resolution photo can be seen here. ISM, Aeroservice collection , USN photo s courtesy of John Chiquoine. At one point South Dakota was about feet away from Enterprise when a Jap plane flew between both ships. Framing for the outboard wing tank is being worked aft and the bulkhe for the forward auxiliary machinery are being erected.