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Dating expats in Phoenix Arizona AZ

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Dating Expats In Phoenix Arizona AZ

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Leslie Thompsonoriginally from Dublin, lives in PhoenixArizona working as a program manager with Intel. When did you leave Ireland?

How old am I: 32
Sexual preference: Man
I speak: English, Korean
I like to drink: I prefer to drink cider
Favourite music: I like to listen techno
Hobbies: Fishing
Smoker: No

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'i'd planned to stay in arizona one year, i'm still here 25 years later'

Another big part of Arizona is having quite a variety of places to live. Don't drive in flood-prone areas during a storm and don't think you can outrun the flood.

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Some pros include the lovely winter weather, beautiful places to visit, thriving urban areas, and plenty of culture to experience. Always practice gun safety and use your noggin before pulling the trigger.

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You'll receive your first newsletter soon! Who knows but here's this: about one-third of Arizonans own a gun and the state sits somewhere in the middle of the statistics list when it comes to gun-related murders in the country.

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If you know of a local business that could use some extra support during these times, please nominate them here: onlyinyourstate. Maybe it's best to stay home. Thankfully, most of these except, perhaps, ten are situations that are entirely preventable. Let's start with an easy one: the heat. If you've been driving along Beeline Highway for the last thirty years, you may have noticed that the deer have become just a little more accommodating to human presence.

If water usage habits don't change, we may find ourselves in a very real crisis. Most of Arizona is still quite rural so you're bound to encounter one of these creatures at least once. Still, everyone should be aware of the risks of living in Arizona if they plan on being there. Speaking of outdoor recreation, the landscapes of the Grand Canyon State are stunning and worth exploring.

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Despite the risks, there is a lot to love about the Grand Canyon Statetoo. Thank you!

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Your e-mail: Up. Share on Facebook Pin it on Pinterest. There are many things Arizona is known for other than its hot weather and dangerous local wildlife.

Risks of living in arizona

Address: Arizona, USA. Is Arizona a good place to live? You can reach her at monica. Those desert people seem to forget how to drive in the rain. However, that doesn't mean one of them or a rabbit won't go dashing across the road.

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Despite some of the risks of living in Arizona, this state is loved by many of its residents for being a great place to live. While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a later date. What are some other big risks to living in Arizona?

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Cons to keep in mind are the exceptionally hot summers, major weather events like dust storms or flash floods, and less-than-ideal pests. Arizona In Your Inbox spinner. Common pests include cockroaches and scorpions — yes, scorpions in your house, though they are usually quite small.

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Still, be sure to check your shoes for them before putting them on if you live in a scorpion-prone area. What is Arizona known for? e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! You can't, you won't, and you'll end up on the evening news as someone who had to be saved by public emergency services.

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Take care when driving in rural areas. In a state that is notorious for extremely hot summers, coming down with a heat-related illness such as heat exhaustion can happen quick. Don't forget that we're in the middle of a drought and since Arizona is largely desert, we don't get a lot of water to begin with. Other than pollution, another potentially risky bit about the air is contracting valley fever. Sometimes they don't even run back into the woods when a vehicle drives by; some just continue chewing their weeds and twigs on the roide.

Monica Spencer Follow me on:. I speak from experience! But, hey, if you like adventure and the prospect of encountering danger then it may just be the place for you. Most people don't require much treatment other than rest and fluids but it is possible for the infection to worsen. With so many rugged, seemingly untouched natural areas of canyons, rivers, buttes, and mountains, any hiker or otherwise outdoorsy person will easily fall in love with this place.

Posted in Arizona February 20, by Monica Spencer. Well, they may be fun to look at but definitely not to experience first hand.

Any british expats in arizona who can help please?

However, just remember they were here first and you're encroaching on their territory. Phoenix is one of the biggest cities in the US, giving people the opportunity to live in a massive sprawling city, while also offering smaller cities, towns, and rural communities for all kinds of lifestyles. Stay safe, and keep a watchful eye on these 10 things if you plan on moving to Arizona. What are the pros and cons of living in Arizona? Love Arizona? A fungus living in the soil known as Coccidiodes immitisit can turn into an infection that causes flu-like symptoms when inhaled.