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College Station distance relationship dates

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College Station Distance Relationship Dates

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horny housewives Kensley

ed: Dec 3, Posts: 42, Five months of the eight years we were together he lived in Virigina and I was here in CS. Obviously, by my choice of words it didn't last in the end. Reply Quote 0. We had it all figured out —house, dogs, kids We went out whenever I could break away, but 18 hours of engineering left little time. It was pretty well over by the end of my sophomore year. The distance wasn't the reason we broke up, but it sure didn't help the situation.

I'm glad I only have to do the long distance thing with the current girlfriend for 6 more weeks. I would say it worked since we are married, well maybe that means it didn't work to well for him then. She could have used that piece of advice Skip to Last 1 2. Actually, it was not the distance that did us in. Jersey, You should tell my ex that!

Moving in or breaking up? the role of distance in the development of romantic relationships

I don't think I'd ever get involved in a long distance relationship with no end in sight. ed: Apr 20, Posts: 2, We dated for 4 months, it became long distance for the next 4 months, and then I moved back and we were together for another 5 months before it ended. I'd head to Houston on Friday night and leave Houston at am to make morning formation. AC04, what happened with that little sexy blonde you were talking to?

I stayed at his place for the winter and summer breaks. I think when people say a long distance relationship didn't work out, it was probably going to fail eventually anyway.

horney housewives Skyler

It worked out. ed: Mar 18, Broke up like months after school started.


ed: May 4, Posts: 20, ed: Dec 10, For about a year, he was in Houston and I was in College Station and we knew we just had to make it through the year. ed: Feb 12, Posts: 32, ed: Nov 6, Posts: 66, ed: Jun 28, Posts: 3, ed: Sep 20, Posts: 14, The houseguest and I were long distance for two years, however we were both still in Texas so we were able to see each other on the weekends.

Tt was her being a biatch that did us in. Needless to say it didn't work out. ed: Feb 5, Posts: 35, Maybe I am just an atypical female though. ed: Nov 18, Posts: 12, Long Distance Relationships suck.

How long were you in the long distance part of the relationship, and did it work out? She was unnattractive wasn't she? ed: Oct 2, Posts: 10, How long do you want to ignore this user?

damsel miss Lainey

ed: Dec 22, Never works, bail now. Or get some on the side till she finds out ed: Apr 5, Posts: 7, I would see him on non-game weekends. That would drive me crazy We dated exclusively in high school for three years.

Long distance relationships

Last 1 2. ed: Jun 21, Posts: 6, Ended with her cheating on me.

tight girl Annika

Actually, thinking back on it, the best time of our relationship was when we were miles apart. I was happy with the arrangement, but it always bothered her. Of course I've already done it with a girl once, for my entire freshman year. We did the best we could to make distance a non-issue and succeeded most of the time.

naked teen Morgan

You must be a subscriber to. ed: Feb 4, Posts: 9, Only do it if you have something close by to keep you entertained while your SO is away ed: Feb 20, Posts: 50, User Profile Private Message.

We got engaged that September, though, so it's not like we didn't know where it was going ed: Oct 19, Posts: 18, ed: Oct 11, Me and ex-fiance 2 did the long distance thing for quite a while. Public Service Forums. Post Reply 1 of 2.

damsel females Brooke

Near the end of things, we saw each other 5 days a week and it still wasn't enough for her. Log In Register. Then during the week we could have our independence and do our own thing.

Man this thread is depressing. Man I agree with that. ed: Oct 3, Posts: 1, Wow, my exact situation Same here Neer and ac04 weekends were great, we'd do it like monkeys then go out, come home and do it like monkeys again the week sucked and lots of little bickering arguements began over absolutely nothing. ed: Oct 4, Called almost every night, met half-way between us on Wednesdays for dinner, alternated weekends depending on events. If it was meant to be, it will last. If you can read this in English, thank a Soldier.