Wolfville Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Andrea & Steve at the Blomidon Inn

Andrea and Steve are a great couple, they’re two of the nicest people I know.  When I first met them, we talked for a few hours like it was nothing, it was so easy to strike up a conversation with them, I don’t think we even talked much about their wedding and photography that first time, but that’s a sure sign right there that we were a good fit for each other.  At our third meeting, we met at Local Jo cafe in Halifax, and actually ended up getting kicked out as it closed.  At that meeting Andrea proved to me that she was a prepared bride, she and Steve were essentially just waiting for the wedding day to arrive, with all but a couple minor details taken care of.  I know many a bride who would be envious of that for sure.

When it came time for the wedding, I arrived a bit early to the Blomidon Inn and scouted out some locations on the property and much to my surprise, there was a lot more in bloom than I had expected.  The Apple Blossoms weren’t quite there yet, but we managed to do just fine without them.  As Andrea and Steve got prepared on the wedding day, they seemed more excited than nervous, and Steve’s eyes lit up when he got to see Andrea making her way through the serpentine garden toward the aisle.  The ceremony went well and after a pause for a picture of everyone, we did family photos and got right to the reception.  As it was a small wedding, they opted for a shorter afternoon tea reception with everyone mingling about the Inn.  One of the stars of the reception was not a person, but something special that was made up for Steve.  On the stand with the cake and cupcakes sat one which was unlike the rest, it had a Montreal Canadiens logo on top, Steve’s favourite team.  I wish I could say that they went on to play for the Stanley Cup, but I’m writing this about a half hour after they lost to the Rangers, sorry Steve I feel your pain, my Penguins also lost to the Rangers, but they did it in a more embarrassing fashion (I’ll hang my head now).

The reception went well and as the final few people departed, we made our way to the gardens for photos.  We meandered around the property taking photos throughout the property, eventually coming to a Magnolia tree which had shed most of it’s flowers.  It was a difficult trek through some brush to get there, but we made it and then came the task of figuring out how to turn it into a good photo, so I got a bit creative.  I’d like to thank my new found rock climbing abilities for helping me climb the tree for a different perspective.  When I got to the top and tool some photos, Andrea and Steve switched roles and took a couple photos of me in the tree which made for a good laugh.  We finished up inside the Blomidon Inn, and as I was leaving, I decided to get a shot of the Inn from the road with the sign in the picture.  That was right when Steve and Andrea walked out the front door, it was perfect timing.

I enjoyed spending the day with such a great couple, their families, and friends, here’s a brief snapshot of their day.



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Denver Portrait Photographer - The shot of the bride sitting in the dark room… Wow!

Cheryl Orde - Andrea/Steve – These pictures are beautiful, you must be so pleased. Such nice, colourful and original shots. Blessings to you both.

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