Tracy & Tim – Atlantica Oak Island Wedding

In the small world of Nova Scotia, I knew Tracy and Tim for a number of years before their wedding, Tim through work where he worked on the same team as my wife, and Tracy through her cousin whose wedding I had also photographed.  The longer we live in Nova Scotia, the more it seems that we are starting to see people we know everywhere we go.

Before this year, I had never shot a wedding at the Atlantica Oak Island.  I had certainly heard of it as there aren’t a ton of venues like it on the South Shore.  When I got there on the big day, Tracy and her bridesmaids were getting ready in one of the chalets by the water.  The mood was pretty relaxed and remarkably ahead of schedule.  The guys however, when I got there, were super intense and nervous.  Alright, maybe not, they may have been playing Crib, and Tim may have been busy skunking someone playing against him, but I won’t mention any names.

Seriously, the biggest hiccup before the ceremony was one of the groomsmen having to decide between 2 shirts to wear.  We were all setup and ready to go on time, and the flower girls came down the aisle and the ceremony began.  You will have to look below to see why I mentioned the flower girls.  The ceremony was short and sweet and before we knew it we were outside taking photos and the wedding party was having champagne.

It was a beautiful day out, a bit on the cold side, but for March 31st, it was about what you would expect in that regard.  We made our way around the property taking photos and made our way inside for the reception where Tracy and Tim rolled their entrance into their first dance, a great way to get that out of the way for the evening.  As dinner went on, a little golf green was brought out for guests to make a shot for tracy and Tim to kiss.  There were some great shots made.

After dinner the dancing and drinking got started with the help of Scott from True North DJ’s. The dancing was really picking up as I was heading out, and I hear that it carried on late into the night.  It was a beautiful day with some amazing people.  Congratulations Tim and Tracy!  Here’s a glimpse into their day.


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