Quiraing Isle of Skye
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Scotland 2017

Well, this is quite overdue. It took me exactly 550 days to finish editing my photos from our family trip to Scotland. I will often write a blog post before the photos are ready in an effort to tell my story in the most detail, while it’s still fresh. This is not the case here.

We took this trip while Robyn was on maternity leave, and Autumn was young enough not to require her own seat. One last trip before Robyn went back to work, and one last trip for a number of years while the children were small. Scotland was at the top of Robyn’s list of places to go and we had plans to visit castles, hike in the highlands, and to do quite a lot of exploring. What resulted was a trip filled with a lot of driving, but not a lot of time out exploring outside of our car, as Isla simply was miserable most of the time we tried to do anything. It was frustrating at times. We thought Isla was just dealing poorly with jet lag and her ear infection. I’m not going to get into a ton of detail on that as my blog post on her beating leukemia covers much of that.

We rented a car for our journey, one big enough for our family of 4, I believe it said an “Impala or similar” well similar was a mercedes, which was pretty cool, and it had great sight lines. It was a pretty sweet ride and super fuel efficient. The highlight of the trip for me was without question, the Isle of Skye. We stayed in Staffin, right near the Quiraing. It’s pretty much exactly the place I would love to live, just need a rink around there and I would be set. We actually celebrated Autumn’s first birthday on the Isle of Skye. We got a caterpillar cake from the grocery store and Autumn ate its fondant face, something Isla still laughs about.

One interesting thing that happened on our trip is that we celebrated our wedding anniversary and randomly stopped at a place for dinner. The next day on our drive back through that town, we saw a sign for the city and it said Blairgowrie, sister city Fergus, Ontario. We happened to have gotten married in Fergus, Ontario, so that was a pretty cool coincidence.

Don’t get me wrong, Scotland was so beautiful, and we did have some great moments, but I am pretty sure we will need to do that one over again one day to experience it properly, to give Robyn that dream trip she was hoping for.

I’m going to let the photos do the talking for the most part here. One thing about spending so much time driving around, we got to see quite a bit of the country.