PEI Engagement Photographer Dustin Hall – Emma & Devon

It took us 3 tries, but Emma, Devon, and I finally found some good weather for the engagement session we had been trying to schedule for quite some time.  It was simply by chance that we were both in PEI at the same time.  Emma and Devon were on the Island getting ready for their wedding which was less than a week away, and I was in Charlottetown for Jessica and James’ Elopement, so we figured we would give it a go while we had the weather.  It turned out to be a great evening for the session, despite a plethora of mosquitoes and me barely making it to their cottage with a dying battery on my phone (GPS) which had just 1% left when I arrived.  Luckily someone had a cord that fit my blackberry and I had my GPS and my music for the drive home.

We started off taking photos at the cottage and we even grabbed a couple shots with Emma and Devon’s dog Charlie, before heading off to a couple of fields and a tree lined driveway I had noticed on my drive in.  I really liked the locations, and we made sure to take note of them for the wedding that coming Saturday.  We then proceeded to Branders Beach, a little beach which was fairly quiet and had a great mix of beach, cliffs, and tall grasses to keep the photos interesting.  Again, it was another idyllic location we considered as a possibility for their wedding photos.  It was great to get to know Emma and Devon a bit more and to see how they were in front of a camera (which was quite at ease).  I enjoyed our couple of hours, well except for the mosquitoes and the dozen or so large bites I had for the next week.  I am sure that the engagement session helped with the wedding photos as we were both more familiar with each other, and knew what to expect.  Their wedding was only 5 days later, so I’ve obviously already photographed their big day already, so check back soon for those as they are next in my editing cue, for now you’ll have to make due with these two lovely people’s engagement session on Prince Edward Island.


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