Peggy’s Cove Engagement Photographer Dustin Hall – Olivia and Jason

About a week ago, I got an email from Olivia asking if we could change the location of their engagement photos to Peggy’s Cove.  I love Peggy’s Cove, so I was all for it.  We went out for our session on Easter Sunday, a day I expected few people to be out visiting the hamlet and it’s lighthouse.  I was wrong.  When I arrived just past 5:00, there were probably about 100 people there, not the most intimate setting for engagement photos

What do you do when you have that many people in the exact spot you want to take photos?  You get creative with your location selection.  We took a short drive up the road and took a small hike toward the coast, finding a few locations along the way.  We made our way back to Peggy’s Cove and many people had left, or were leaving.  Part of that may have been due to the dropping temperature, it was an alleged 5 degrees, but the windchill was probably closer to, or below zero.

Olivia and Jason toughed out the cold, and we got some great photos, in particular, I like the shot below of Jason with his guitar, singing to Olivia.  The photo is an ode to their actual engagement in New York where Jason sang ‘The Girl‘ by City and Colour and then proposed.  On top of all that, the guitar Jason used was one Olivia had given to him as a gift early on in their relationship.  Such a romantic that Jason is eh?

Here are a few shots from our Easter engagement session at Peggy’s Cove.


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