Canadian Travel Photographer – Newfoundland

Last week, my fiancĂ©e Robyn and I took a much needed vacation. Neither of us had ever been to Newfoundland, and lets face it, their commercials on TV are brilliant. So we rewarded their marketing by buying what they were selling. Our trip started in Deer Lake in Western Newfoundland and from there we drove to St John’s and back again. Some of the highlights of our trip include Cape Spear, the most Easterly point in North America, the Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve, with it’s thousands of birds and 130 metre cliffs, St. John’s itself with it’s colourful houses and our fist time seeing an iceberg. The stories from our trip would be too long to write out here (trust me, I started doing so and it was like a novel) so if you want to know more, just ask.

We had a good time, even with some poor weather, I would like to go back in July some day, that way we might see some more icebergs, and hopefully up a bit closer, as well as some whales. We were just a little early for the icebergs and whales this year, though I was told that up towards St. Anthony (it’s possibly the most Northern town in Newfoundland) they have some nice scenery, and a bunch of icebergs. Either way, it’s worth the trip if you can, and not too expensive either.

I tried to reduce the number of photos I posted, but had a really hard time, so this post is fairly large.

Tomorrow I’m back to some wedding work.


Liz - LOVE the puffins…. somehow they look incapable of flight… :)

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