Monica & Denis – Eliot & Vine – Halifax Wedding

Monica and Denis were first introduced to me just over a year ago at Denis’ brother Michel’s wedding, so I at was at least familiar with Denis’ side of the family on the wedding day.  It was nice to see them all as the ceremony was about to get under way at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Dartmouth.  It was certainly the smallest church ceremony I had ever been to with just immediate family in attendance.  The ceremony was fairly quick with Denis and Monica reading their own vows to each other and eliciting some laughs from those in the pews.

Following the ceremony we met up with a larger group of family and friends at the Public Gardens in Halifax for some photos.  With the weather being absolutely amazing, it was difficult for some of us to find parking.  I was a block away and rushed to the park expecting to be holding everyone up.  Thankfully that wasn’t the case and I was one of the first ones there.  While taking family photos, some guy was lingering around us awkwardly.  I kept my eye on him as I figured he was looking to pickpocket or grab a purse put down for a photo.  Eventually I said something to him, as did
a couple others and he left.  That was definitely a first for me.  After we took family photos, we sent everyone over to the restaurant while Monica, Denis, and I took a few more photos around the park.

The restaurant was Eliot & Vine, a place I had driven by many times, but never been inside.  It was a cool little spot with great staff.  I took some candids while everyone mingled and before I knew it, my time was up.  Judging by some photos I saw posted on Facebook the next day, I would say the good times continued even without me, somehow ;).

Congratulations Monica & Denis, here’s a little look at your day,


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