Maternity, Family, and toddler, photos at Seafoam Lavender Farm

Back when Robyn was pregnant with Isla, we took some maternity photos a couple weeks before Isla was born, but I never ended up showing anyone.  I’m actually not sure I even showed more than a couple to Robyn.  That is usually how things go for me.  I’m not going to sugar coat it, I am bad at editing my personal photos.  I often wait until the wedding season is over and spend a couple months picking at the thousands of photos I took throughout the year which weren’t for clients.  That is why it is so important to me that I get these posted now, before it’s no longer relevant, before the new addition is already here and I’m more worried about baby photos than belly photos.

On Wednesday, with Robyn on vacation, we set out around 6:30am to go to the Seafoam Lavender Farm near Pictou, NS.  I was pretty mad at myself for getting away late, I had been hoping for 6:00, but I am not a morning person, and trying to get a 2 year old ready that early is not easy.  Not that she isn’t normally awake by then, because she is, but she really wanted her Cheerios and raisins, and I wanted to make sure she ate.

As we drove through the countryside we encountered some heavy fog and I was really hoping the farm would have some of that fog, but I figured it wouldn’t, and it didn’t.  So we missed the golden sunrise light, the fog didn’t come with us, the sun was getting high in the sky, and I was sweating already in the heat, but I still think we did well in the end.  We even managed to get a couple of photos with Isla actually looking toward the camera, and some with Robyn alone, no Isla draped all over her.

The new baby is currently due to be born on October 23rd (our wedding anniversary), which means that Robyn is now in her third trimester.  It’s kind of crazy to think that in 3 months we will be at home with another baby, one Isla has already told us she loves.  It’s really cute to see Isla asking to play with the baby, and saying that she wants to hold her on the couch.  I am excited to see what life is going to be like as a family of 4, even if it means I’m going to be the only male in the house (including the 2 dogs).  Who am I kidding, I love having a little girl, and I’m going to love having 2 little girls.

Here are a few photos of the family as it looks right now.


Halifax Children Photographer Dustin HallHalifax Children Photographer Dustin HallHalifax Children Photographer Dustin HallIsla running through the rows of lavenderIsla running through the rows of lavenderRobyn Maternity Photos at the Seafoam Lavender Farm Nova ScotiaRobyn Maternity Photos at the Seafoam Lavender Farm Nova ScotiaRobyn and Isla at the Seafoam Lavender Farm Nova ScotiaFamily Photo at the Seafoam Lavender FarmSeafoam Lavender FarmIsla Running through the LavenderSeafoam Lavender FarmRobyn and IslaRobyn and Isla

Katie Browne - I love these photos. So natural in a wonderful, colour coordinated setting.
Beautiful family memories.
Hope all goes well with the new addition?
Enjoy your photos, keep them coming

Lynsey Frangakis - Beautiful!

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