Lisa & Spencer’s Winter Wedding in Halifax

A wedding in Halifax in January comes with some expectations and hopes.  You expect it to be cold but hope it’s not a bone chilling cold.  You hope there will be some snow but expect it not to be there.  Spencer and Lisa were fortunate that the cold was just a few degrees below zero, -6 or so, unfortunately that snow didn’t show up.

I arrived to the Delta to meet up with Lisa just before the ceremony and when I walked in I saw that Lisa had chosen a pretty awesome and unique dress, it had a blue tint and pink flowers on it.  I love when people make their wedding their own despite what might be considered ‘normal’.  It’s actually one of my favourite things about weddings these days, the willingness of couples to make their wedding fir their tastes.

With Lisa and Spencer’s newly evolved family situation, the wedding had a bit of a different feel to it than many other weddings.  Rather than go into details, I’ll just say that I have the utmost respect and admiration for these two and what they’re doing.

The ceremony was presided over by Spencer’s father who may have gotten a little emotional, which had a bit of a ripple effect.  He did a great job and I’m sure it made the day even more special for Lisa and Spencer.  After the ceremony we took family photos in the Bluenose Ballroom and then I took Lisa and Spencer down to Historic Properties.

We arrived at the waterfront just after the sun had set, so there was a bit of colour left in the sky and I made use of that while we still had time.  We didn’t spend long taking photos before it was time to head back to the Delta where everyone was mingling, enjoying some appetizers and drinks.  We made our way back to the ballroom for the reception where after the introductions and a speech I was done for the day.  I knew that the rest of the night was going to be enjoyed because with Lisa and Spencer, I don’t know how you couldn’t enjoy yourself.

Congratulations to a wonderful couple and their family, I’m sure there are many happy days ahead :)



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