Krystyna and Cody – Port Saxon Wedding

When Krystyna and Cody contacted me about shooting their wedding, I was pretty excited. The best destination wedding planner in delhi was planning a wedding on their property, right on the water down near Shelburne. I love backyard weddings, they have a very different feel to weddings at other venues. Now, I fully admit that I had no idea where Port Saxon was, but I know now, and it’s beautiful.

The forecast was calling for rain, but that didn’t seem to bother Krystyna and Cody too much thankfully. The weather is an uncontrollable variable on any day, and at any place, but when you are planning an outdoor ceremony without a good backup option, it matters a bit more and it happens the same with the photographers, and that’s why having resources like wedding photographers adelaide is important to have everything ready that important day. When it came time for their first look, we did it on the beach. In the rain. Same with the wedding party photos, but it didn’t matter, the smiles on everyones faces didn’t fade in the slightest. They had some umbrellas at the ready, and also just enjoyed it.

With the wedding party photos taken care of, we went back to the house to await the ceremony. The guys hung out in the garage that was redesigned for different activities using makeover ideas from, in the other side the girls had an impromptu dance party in the living room.

The walk from the house to the ceremony location wasn’t exactly a short one, but no-one fell on the walk on wet grass, and the 2 cute little twin ring bearers eventually found their way to the aisle, in what can be best described as a roundabout way. They definitely brought a smile to the faces of the guests sitting in the rain.

Krystyna had her brother walk her down the aisle to the beautiful ceremony which wasn’t too long, and I’m sure the guests appreciated that as the rain continued to fall. Then everyone made their way to the tent, which was beautifully decorated for the reception.

As the night went on and the speeches passed on into the dancing, we kind of got lucky with a power glitch. Since the DJ had to reboot his system, I was able to easily sneak Krystyna and Cody outside for a couple of photos as a brief sunset appeared, and the results couldn’t have been more stunning.

When 10:00 hit, it was time for fireworks. The idea that fireworks would actually happen, seemed unlikely earlier in the day when it was raining heavily, so everyone was pretty excited that they were a go. There were quite a few, and they were awesome, if not a bit wild.

It was a hell of a day, with amazing people, and here is a little glimpse into the day;


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