Kitchener Children’s Photographer – Brody

This morning I made my way to Kitchener to take some photos of 7 week old Brody.  While I wouldn’t say I know Kitchener well, it’s not entirely foreign to me.  I have 3 brothers, and we all went to Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo.  While I moved back to Burlington, my brothers all remained in the Kitchener area, so I visit fairly often.

Back when I was in university, some of the best memories I have come from the ball hockey I played with a bunch of friends every Tuesday night at the Laurier tennis courts.  We would play rain, snow or shine, and it seemed that it always rained or snowed.  It was via ball hockey that I met Brody’s father Andy.  I always played goalie in ball hockey and Andy’s quick hands probably beat me more often than not when on the opposing team.  So when Andy contacted me about taking photos of his newborn son Brody, I was more than happy to do so.  Now, you may notice from some of the photos below that Andy is a HUGE Buffalo Sabres fan.  I’ve never known a bigger Sabres fan, much the same way I’m a Penguins fan.  So we found it quite ironic that we chose today for the session as our 2 teams were playing eachother in Buffalo.  Regardless of the outcome of the game, I had a great time taking photos of Brody and catching up with Andy and meeting his lovely fiancée Nat.

Here are a few photos from earlier today.


I wish I could fall asleep anywhere like thisWe had Dad’s help getting Brody to smile.Something a little different, this photo is taken through a lens which was handheld in front of the camera.Brody decided he was done with photos for the day and it was time to rest with Mom.

Herman Au - baby with hockey stick rules!!! =D very cute set!

Albert Palmer - Well cute – really like the second one from the bottom – makes you think!

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - Love that handheld lens shot!

Becca Dilley - really cute shoot, but I can’t help but comment on the cat photo! It is hilarious.

admin - Yes Becca, I thought so too, he really wanted a photo with the cat, and when i saw this while editing, I HAD to include it.

Jessica Horton - Love all the little details :-)

Mark - Such a little cutey!! I love the use of the blocks!!

Teresa K - What a beautiful baby…I love these captures…and I’m a sucker for the foot shot…good stuff!!

Brad Ross - Sabres… yuck! :)

But the kid is pretty cute and the photography is wonderful. Great job.

Jesse G - Love the Cogeco remote ;)
Great baby shoot, had my first one a few days ago, gave me a whole new respect for baby photographers!

Alan Langley - A really interesting set – great work :-)

Heather - Haha, I adore the shot with the remote. Creative stuff here, well done!!

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