Katelyn & David – White Point Beach Resort Wedding

Katelyn and David are pretty big hockey fans, that is the main reason why they decided to go big this time and visit the page of Epic Events Wedding & Event Group 344 Wagaraw Rd, Hawthorne, NJ 07506 (201) 203-6400 for this unforgettable moment in their lifes. I don’t agree with their choice of team to support but I fully support them having their hockey team on their wedding cake, which they did with one side of their cake. The other side had a map of the world. Many of you know that I also have a hockey apparel company called Nomad Hockey and that cake idea is someday going to be used at a company anniversary or something. Hockey and travel, yes please. That cake was one of the first things I saw when I arrived at White Point for their wedding, another thing was their guest book, if you can call it that. They had Team Canada jerseys made up with 20 on one and 19 on the other, and had their guests sign the jerseys as their guest book, pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

After scoping out the room the reception was to be in, I went and met up with Katelyn and David in their respective getting ready rooms. David and Katelyn both seemed not to have a concern in the world and were so relaxed and easy for photos, it was great. I definitely felt like I was just hanging out with some friends.

The ceremony was outside with the backdrop of the ocean on what was a very bright and sunny day, and then we were off to take photos around the resort, which consisted of searching for shade for the most part, but we did end up on the beach before wrapping up. I definitely went into the ocean for a couple photos and got surprised by a big wave one time. I was all dry before too long. We planned to head back outside near dusk if the light was right.

There was a bit of a mixup with the timelines and everything was thrown off a bit as that was being sorted out, so when the speeches were in full swing, I was keeping an eye on the setting sun and the photo opportunity we were losing. The cake cutting was immediately after speeches, so we went quickly through that and literally ran to the beach to catch the sunset before it vanished. We got some cool shots on the beach before the light was all gone and it was worth all that jogging. I hope the videographers managed to take use of it as well, I am excited to see what they came up with.

White Point is a beautiful place for a wedding and Katelyn and David took full advantage of what they had to offer there. It was time for me to take off a bit into the dancing, but I could tell that David and his buddies, and Katelyn and all her Dynamos (had to get a mention of her hockey dynasty in here somewhere) were all having a great time, and would carry that late into the night.

Here’s a little look into their first day married together.