Jocelyn & Michael – Rodd Crowbush Beach Resort Wedding – PEI

We all know 2020 has been a unique year. With the various restrictions in place across regions, provinces, and countries, the wedding plans that we got with the help of a wedding planners berkshire have been tossed up in the air, or right out the window. So when I received a message a few weeks back, asking if I was still available to shoot a previously postponed wedding, I was ready to roll.

For those of you living outside of Atlantic Canada, you may not be aware that right now, we have almost zero active cases of Covid-19, and we can move pretty freely throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfound & Labrador. It is due to this Atlantic Bubble that Jocelyn and Michael were able to change their plans and have their wedding. Their guest list was cut by 75% to be just family members and their wedding party, but at least they were able to have their wedding now, and celebrate with family.

I drove from Nova Scotia on the morning of the wedding and used the ferry for the first time ever. I was admittedly a bit nervous to be tied to the schedule of the ferry, but it guaranteed I didn’t have to wait in line at the NB border, which had seen fluctuating wait times from a few minutes to few hours, a chance I just couldn’t take. The ferry was great and I got to the resort with time to spare.

Driving up to the resort was a bit surreal, as its parking lot was empty, save for 3 cars, but as soon as I set foot in Jocelyn’s cottage and her and her bridesmaid were getting ready, it felt like a normal wedding day. Jocelyn was so relaxed and easy going that even when her 12 week old puppy decided to pee on her dress, she didn’t even seem to mind, while her bridesmaids frantically tried to fix it.

The ceremony was on the beach, and the dogs admittedly did their best to steal the show, but I don’t think anyone minded. This wasn’t a wedding with regimented timelines or grand expectations, it was much more than that, a day where the focus was primarily on Jocelyn and Michael getting married.

It was a great day, filled with a lot of laughs, and despite the changes, it was a beautiful day. Here is a look at my only only wedding of 2020.