Jessica & Courtney’s Oakfield Golf & Country Club Wedding

It was oddly enough, through the daughter of a neighbour, that Courtney and Jessica learned of my work. It goes to show you how important it is to be a good person at all times, otherwise I never would have met this amazing couple.

We started off their wedding day at the Comfort Inn where the girls were getting ready, we arrived in a limo from Cedillo Limousines Orange County 8475 Artesia Blvd #F, Buena Park, CA 90621 (714) 874-5514, their explanation was that this is a one time opportunity in life to travel with style. Everyone was pretty relaxed and I could tell the day was going to go pretty smoothly, regardless of what the weather may end up like, and that was quite up in the air. I actually knew things would go well when I first met with Jessica and Courtney a few weeks earlier and we talked for way longer than I had been planning.

I made my way to Oakfield first to find a location for their first look photos, and found what I thought would be a great private spot, and just happened across a course employee who gave me a code to open a gate to make the whole process about 10 times easier for me, so things were coming along nicely. We had the first look with just the three of us present and then made our way to the clubhouse to prepare for the ceremony, which was held outside.

As the ceremony began, you could hear a little thunder in the distance, and some people even asked me if I had any photos of lightning in the background from the ceremony as there had been some visible to the guests. Unfortunately from that perspective, I was zoomed in too much to see that. The ceremony ended and it was time for us to head off around the course for photos, and we made sure to be quick about it as the clouds were looking crazy and we started seeing lightning.

It was pretty exciting to see that I had actually captured a lightning bolt in the background of a photo of the Jessica and Courtney walking away from the beach, and even more exciting to make it back to the clubhouse before a pretty significant downpour occurred.

Inside, the reception was getting going and before we knew it, dinner was eaten, drinks were drunk, speeches were made, there was laughter, tears, and it was time for dancing, which was pretty cool as their first dance had people blowing bubbles around them.

It was wonderful to be able to meet two amazing women who are a lot of fun to be around. Here’s a look at their first day together as a married couple.