Isla is 3 Months Old Today

My little girl is 3 months old today, so I figured I would post a couple photos I took of her this morning.  We stuck her in the Bumbo for the first time yesterday and she wasn’t exactly a fan.  Robyn put her back in as I was getting out of the shower and called me downstairs to see Isla laughing and smiling so I quickly grabbed the camera.  It makes me so happy just to see a smile on her face.  I think now that her 3 month probation is over, she has proven herself to be a valuable member of the team, so we’ll keep her.


Isla Niamh HallIsla Niamh HallIsla Niamh HallI can’t help but look at this last photo and think that as she gets older, and I want to take pictures of her, I will get this face when she’s had enough.

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