Ireland Day 8 – Canadian Travel Photographer Dustin Hall

The last day in Ireland has come.  After a quick breakfast, we hit the road North in the direction of Dublin.  However, we decided to pass the city and go to Newgrange, an approximately 5000 year old monument, whose use is unknown.

On our way to Newgrange, we discovered that there was a concert in Slane, which is the entry point of Newgrange.  This is no small concert either, there were 80,000 people there.  So we had to take a detour, and then another detour, and then we encountered some police officers who directed us to the monument.  When we arrived, we were informed that we were in the wrong place.  The site can only be accessed via guided tour which starts elsewhere and a bus takes you to the site and back.  Unfortunately, with the detours and traffic, we were already an hour behind and a guided tour takes much longer than going it yourself.  With our car being due back in the early afternoon, we simply didn’t have the time.  I climber onto a fence and took some photos, but that was all we had time for.

We made it back to Dublin around 1:00pm, dropped off the car and walked back to downtown.  We did a little shopping and then found St. Patrick’s Cathedral (after failing to do so the week before).  The cathedral was impressive with such history.

The rest of the afternoon was spent walking around the shopping area of Grafton Street.  Once our legs were exhausted, we went back to our hotel and got ready for the big match, the Champions League Final between Barcelona and Manchester United.  We should have gone earlier to get seats, most bars were packed.  We finally found one which was serving food as well as showing the game and sat down and ordered a drink just as the game started.  We went to ask for menus and they told us that the sign on the door was wrong, they weren’t selling food anymore.  That was annoying.  So at half time, we went and found some food elsewhere before returning for the second half (a little late).  The game ended with Barcelona winning, not the result we were hoping for.  That was the second time we were in Europe for the Champions League Final and both times we have seen a bad result.  I guess we’re just bad luck.  Oh well :)

I think I’m going to post with some of my favourite photos from the trip, so keep an eye out for that.

Here’s what I’ve got for you from Day 8 in Ireland:



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