Ireland Day 6 – Canadian Travel Photographer Dustin Hall

Today we left Killarney and headed East.  We were on our way to Tramore, which is a little town that we randomly picked based on where we thought we’d be in our travels.

Instead of just sticking to the coast, we made our way inland to the Rock of Cashel, one of the best known castles in Ireland.  When we arrived, we found that restoration work was being done and the castle had this huge scaffolding on the front, so that sucked.  We took a walk around and I saw a field with cows and thought it might be nice to have a photo with the cows in front of the castle, so we drove off in that direction.  When we got there the cows were not in a good spot for photos.  Now, I do a pretty good cow moo, and I tried getting their attention to no avail, so I gave my moo a go.  What a reaction it got!  The cows which were sitting all relaxed, shot up and made their way over to us.  I think I swore at their mothers in cow or something because they looked offended.  One came right up to us and the others kind of hid behind it, peeking out from time to time.  It was probably the funniest part of the trip so far.  I wish we had it on video to show you.  For the record, I did get my shot.

With the Rock of Cashel done, we went right to Tramore to check into our B&B.  I’ll have to say that Tramore was missable.  Maybe it’s nicer in the warmer months, but for us, it seemed kind of crappy, we even saw a couple guys get into a fight in an alley.  We went looking for a place for dinner and wound up in a little town called Dunmore East.  Now that was a nice town, we wish we would have stayed there.  The pub we ate at had a nice view and a dog roaming around looking for food.  Yes he was inside, I’m pretty sure he belonged to the pub’s owner.  It made me miss my little pup, but we’ll get to see her soon.

After dinner, we went for a short drive around the countryside and then called it a night.  Tomorrow we head off towards Wicklow, hopefully we have some good weather, unlike all the rain we had today.

Here’s a few from the day.



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