Ireland Day 5 – Canadian Travel Photographer Dustin Hall

Day 5 already eh?  Trips always seem to go by far too quickly.

We started the day in Killarney where we stayed the night before at the Fairview Hotel.  The Hotel seems nice, but they stuck us in this room on the main floor quite close to reception.  That itself wouldn’t be a problem if the door wasn’t so thin.  You could hear everything happening in the hallway and at reception, including the 3 phones that seem to ring when a call comes in.  It’s a good thing we were exhausted and had some heavy sleep.

That aside, we had planned on visiting the Skellig Islands which are just off the Southwest coast of Ireland, but the weather made that impossible, the boats weren’t running with the water being so choppy.  Only fairly small vessels can dock at the islands, so they are at the whim of Mother Nature.

We had our continental breakfast at the hotel and set out to drive the Ring of Kerry.  The Ring is supposed to be the best drive in Ireland with stunning views and countryscapes (I made that word up).  However, we had some rain, so that may have affected my view of the drive, but I wasn’t that impressed, I didn’t really have any ‘wow’ moments, and I actually liked the drive on the Dingle Peninsula yesterday better.

While on the Ring of Kerry, we made a detour and drove the Skellig Ring.  There was a rainstorm at sea, so we were only able to catch a glimpse of the Skelligs, but the drive itself was quite nice.  At one point I wasn’t sure our little Hyundai Getz was going to be able to make it up the mountain it was so steep, but it managed, and we made it back to the Ring of Kerry without any issue.

After wrapping up our drive, we had dinner and did a little shopping in Killarney before calling it a night.  Here are some photos from today’s adventures:



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