Heather & Bob at the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown, PEI

The girls were getting ready within walking distance of the Confederation Centre, so I stopped in with Bob and the guys, who were a little farther out, first.  They seemed to be in pretty good spirits, but that may have been the beer, I’m not sure.  We did a few photos around the house before going outside for a couple more.  I had them go into the field, especially because Kyle, the “Best Man” really didn’t want to, and for good measure I had him go the deepest into the field ;).  He did do better than me on his ‘Shoot the moon’ game though, so I’ll give him that.

I left the guys to struggle with their Rubik’s Cube as I met up with Heather and her 2 bridesmaids at an old house in downtown Charlottetown.  The girls looked great and you never would have known about their hair issues earlier in the day.  I can’t recall the exact details, but let’s just say that they managed to pull off looking good with a little Maid of Honour work from Ashley, which definitely would have gotten her a gold star if Heather had one.  She did her title proud.

Bob and the guys arrived pretty much right on time, then Heather and Bob had a private first look before we took the wedding party out together for photos while walking to the venue.   It was kind of nice to not have to worry about finding another parking spot as we strolled up.  The wedding was held inside the Confederation Centre of the Arts, with the ceremony being inside the gallery itself.  Heather’s entrance into the ceremony was down the large staircase just off to the side and it was quite the grand entrance.  With paintings in the background, Heather and Bob were married in front of their family and friends.

After the ceremony we made our way outside for the receiving line and family photos.  We took a few shots of the entire wedding party and then a few more of just Heather and Bob before heading downstairs to the reception.  The reception space had beautiful high ceilings with skylights making it feel more like a courtyard than an underground space.

Throughout dinner were speeches and a bit of an open mic.  To get Heather and Bob to kiss, people needed to come up to the microphone and share a story.  To be honest, this is often a clever tactic by brides and grooms to limit their kissing as so many people are afraid of public speaking.  This however was not your typical crowd, there was a lot of confidence in that room.  We heard many stories about Heather and Bob as they waited nervously to see whether the tales would be embarrassing or not.  Fortunately for them, the speakers were pretty kind.

I was keeping my eyes open, watching for sunset and managed to grab Heather and Bob at just the right tim to head outside.  Bob’s mother had provided some umbrellas in case of rain and thankfully the forecast was incorrect, but we still decided to make use of one of the heart shaped umbrellas to take a photo as the sun set.  We found the last bit of sunlight coming between the buildings and got the photo we were looking for.  The only thing left was for the dancing to begin, and dance they did.  It was a fantastic day in a beautiful setting, surrounded by great people, you can’t ask for much more to start a marriage.

Congratulations Heather and Bob!!!



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