Happy Father’s Day!!!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the great fathers out there today, especially my father.  With 4 boys in our household, I know there were times he would have liked to strangle us, but he somehow resisted.  I think we all grew up into respectable gentlemen with his influence.  We also developed a love of sports.  We all like different hockey teams and he’s the only one in the family with a team left in the playoffs.  I think we’re all cheering for his Chicago Blackhawks to win the Cup.  Maybe the hockey God’s can help get him that for Father’s Day.

When we were growing up, if my brothers or I were up at midnight, we could go to my dad for milk and cookies.  I know we all tried to stay up at times to get that midnight snack, and I’m sure my dad ate more cookies than he probably should have, but he always obliged and gave up sleep for his boys.  From coaching us in various sports to taking us camping, there’s nothing my dad wouldn’t do for us, and we all appreciate everything he did for us from childhood and continues to do now.

Here’s a photo from milk and cookie time when I was 5 years old, it was taken on October 9th, 1987.

I love you Dad.  Thank you for everything.

Dustin and Dad

Matt - Brisbane Photographer - Ha – what a cute moment!

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