Halifax Wedding Photographer – Naomi and Kaitlyn – Same Sex Wedding in Burlington, Ontario

When Naomi first e-mailed me about her wedding, my first thought was ‘oh shit I just booked April 28th, 2012’.  Luckily, I was wrong, I had booked the 21st, so I was free.  Naomi asked me in that first e-mail if I had any experience with same-sex couples, and I was a little nervous because I didn’t, but I wanted to let her know that I would talk to some people who do and I’d be ready for her and Kaitlyn’s wedding.  As it turned out, Naomi wasn’t actually concerned that I had experience, but rather her concern was that I was willing to shoot a same sex wedding.  I am actually astonished that there are photographers out there that aren’t willing to, but I’ll gladly take their business :).   I am fully supportive of gay and lesbian couples getting married, and I can not find one valid reason why everyone shouldn’t be allowed to get married.  I’m proud that Canada is a place where this is possible.

At my first meeting with Kaitlyn and Naomi, I walked into Williams Coffee Pub not knowing what they looked like but my eye spotted someone in a Penguins shirt.  I hoped that was one of them.  Much to my surprise, it was Naomi.  From that moment, I knew it was going to be a good day.  We talked for nearly 3 hours at that meeting and barely discussed photography.  We all had so much in common from the sports with the Penguins to music with David Gray (my personal favourite).

After our meeting and them subsequently booking me for their wedding, we send numerous e-mails and tweets back and forth for months.  Aside from friends, I don’t think I have ever known a couple so well before their wedding day.  I am pretty sure if I didn’t move to Halifax, we would be hanging out all the time.  They are both great people and they obviously have good taste.

Before the ceremony at Fort Nelson United Church in Burlington, we did a first look with Kaitlyn and Naomi at Lasalle Park and then did a nice walk around taking photos in a few different locations.  Once we were done taking photos of just the two of them, we called the wedding party to come over and we took those photos.  I wasn’t surprised Kaitlyn and Naomi’s friends were just as awesome as them.  Chris, the Dude of Honour and Katie, the Maid of Honour were hilarious and when it came time for their speeches at the reception, they were very heartfelt and you could see how much Naomi and Kaitlyn appreciated having them in their lives.

The M.C. (or is it emcee?) for the wedding, Naomi’s nephew Matthew (who is older than her) performed the duties better than anyone I’ve seen before.  He was so funny and everyone was laughing at just about everything he said.  I can understand why everyone in the family that gets married wants him speaking.

The party was a lot of fun and I’m not saying I did, but there’s a possibility that I kicked off my shoes and moonwalked to ‘Billie Jean’.  The dancing was pretty good and everyone was having fun.

I can’t say enough good things about Naomi and Kaitlyn and I’m so glad I was able to be a part of their day.  I’m sure we will be keeping in touch and hopefully we’ll be able to celebrate some Penguins wins together in the coming years :)

Congratulations Kaitlyn and Naomi!!!

Here are a few photos from their big day:



Wedding Dress hanging from a treeShoes and Pine ConesKaitlyn getting HairsprayedKaitlyn and her old dogBride Kaitlyn getting her makeup doneKaitlyn getting readyMother of the bride doing up dressToronto Same Sex Wedding Photographer Dustin HallKaitlyn coming out of her parents houseDude of Honour helping out Bride NaomiNaomiSame sex wedding First LookSame sex wedding First LookI love the first look anticipationNaomi and Kaitlyn react to their first lookNaomi and KaitlynHalifax Same Sex Wedding Photographer Dustin HallKaitlynKaitlyn and Naomi weddingKaitlyn peeking over NaomiLasalle Park, Burlington Ontario WeddingBrides walking down the pathBride Kaitlyn at Lasalle ParkNaomi and Kaitlyn weddingLove the smiles hereNaomi and Kaitlyn on the bridgeToronto Wedding Photographer Dusitn HallWedding shoes, bridal partyNaomiStoney Creek Wedding PhotographerKaitlyn and her bridesmaidsDude of HonourMaid of Honour, love the eyesNaomi and Chris during the ceremonySame Sex, Lesbian Church WeddingKaitlyn and Naomi walk up the aisle - same sex weddingNaomi and her siblings - youngest of 9Crazy relativesWedding rings on Pink Gerber DaisyChris having a Kaitlyn and Naomi react to speechesI love this moment, KaitlynKaitlyn and Naomi react to speechesKaitlyn and Naomi give their speechKaitlyn and her father danceBeautiful father daughter dance photoKaitlyn and her fatherThe DJM.C. Matt dancing up a stormI love this shot of Kaitlyn dancingThe Grand OlympiaKid dancing to ThrillerThe Dance Off, it was a tieBeautiful DancerWedding Reception DancingBrides Dancing together during the receptionWedding Reception DancingWedding ReceptionDancing at the wedding with the brides watchingBeautiful girl dancingMaid and Dude of HonourCake Cutting - Kaitlyn and NaomiKaitlyn busting a move - bride dancingFun Dancing at the weddingDancingDancinghahahaThe DJThis is called kicking it old schoolWedding Reception DancingThe Grand Olympia loves lighting SambuccaWedding reception dancingthe HonoursBeautiful girlKaitlynKaitlyn and Naomi dancingGroup Hug