Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – The Lifestyle Sessions – Sharon and Brent

You may recall a wedding I photographed back in July during hurricane Arthur.  It was Sharon and Brent’s wedding at Fox Harb’r and we were unfortunately unable to use the beautiful golf course with ocean views for photos.  Our intention had always been to do a Lifestyle session after the wedding, but the hurricane certainly put a bit more emphasis on the Lifestyle session.  The plan was to have Sharon and Brent dress in their wedding attire and do things they regularly do as a couple in and around their home.

Since Brent’s family happens to own a quarry behind their house, and there is a lake in front of their house, we did a few things most people wouldn’t be able to do at their homes.  We started out with a sushi dinner, one of their favourite meals, before heading to their garden and pool.  We grabbed a couple of hockey sticks and a puck (or two since Brent managed to lose one into some bushes).  Sharon and Brent went out on the lake in their canoe for a few shots as I waded into the water wearing Brent’s rubber boots, then we proceeded to the quarry and a couple of big dump trucks.  I used some rock climbing skills to urban climb one truck to put a flash in the back for better lighting.  We then made our way up to what Brent and Sharon call ‘Clean fill hill’, which overlooks Dartmouth.  It was just getting to dusk at that point, so we couldn’t really see everything in the city at the time, but the lights made for an interesting background.

As expected, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Sharon and Brent, and I think we got some great photos with their personalities showing through.  Here are a few photos of our Lifestyle session together.



SHaron and Brent eat SushiSHaron and Brent in their gardenSHaron and Brent poolsideHockey Wedding Photograph Bride and Groom, PuckHockey Wedding Photograph Bride and Groom, puck, sticksHalifax Wedding Photographers Dustin Hall PhotographyHalifax Wedding Photographers Dustin Hall PhotographyBride and groom on their gatorI wouldn’t normally post a photo where the casual observer doesn’t know what’s going on, but I love this photo.  Brent and Sharon are on their John Deere Gator, in a tunnel underneath the highway, which is on the way from their house to the quarry.Dump Truck at the quarry, bride and groomAtop clean fill hill in WaverleyHalifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall - Camping


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