Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Sharon & Brent at Fox Harb’r During Hurricane Arthur

Describe Sharon and Brent eh?  I’m not really sure that’s even within the realm of possibility.  I figure they’re kind of like trying to describe a funny movie, you can quote lines or scenes, but without seeing the movie, you don’t really have a proper understanding, that’s Sharon and Brent.  They have just been so much fun and so positive every step of the way, even during the hurricane, always with smiles on their faces.  In a nutshell, they’re fantastic people.

Alright, so it was no longer a hurricane, rather a tropical depression or something to that effect, but that didn’t make things any easier for photos.  This was the first time I had to forgo my photo plans due to wind.  Sure, rain has been a pain in the past numerous times, but rain wasn’t the problem at Sharon and Brent’s Fox Harb’r wedding.  The winds toppled a large number of trees at Fox Harb’r and left the venue without power.  Fortunately they had a backup generator to ensure things could run smoothly on the inside.

Fox Harb’r is a beautiful venue with many great photo locations around their world class golf course, but we were unable to use most of those locations due to the wind.  We did however make use of the club house and the sporting lodge, even taking some photos on a couch that used to be in Johnny Cash’s house.  While we were all a bit disappointed that Sharon and Brent weren’t going to get those beautiful views, you’d expect to see from Fox Harb’r, you’d never know it talking to them, they were positive every throughout.  I just can’t say enough about the kind of people Sharon and Brent are, and you can’t help but smile along with them.  I wish the very best for them in the future.  That future happens to hold a ‘Rock the Dress’ session some time soon, so keep an eye out for that, it should be fun.

Here are a few photos from their big day.



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Sara May Photography - Love is in the air… Even Hurricane Arthur can’t stop this! Nice job! Very professional.

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