Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Megan and Scott in Pictou

Megan and Scott’s wedding ceremony took place at Megan’s family land, an absolutely beautiful place, just 15 minutes from Pictou Lodge where the reception was held.  We were all a bit nervous about the weather as the outdoor ceremony was exposed to the elements, the forecast was calling for rain, and the tents they had for a backup simply weren’t as nice as the platform they built with a view looking out over the water.  I went to check out the ceremony location just before meeting up with them at Pictou Lodge and I had a few sprinkles of rain while I was there.  I made my way to Pictou Lodge and got a few shots of Scott and the groomsmen, and Megan and the bridesmaids before heading back to the land for the ceremony.

There were a few clouds in the sky which looked like they might drop some rain on us, but it held off.  The ceremony went well, and before we knew it, Scott and Megan were walking up the aisle as husband and wife and heading for some champagne.  As the family held a receiving line, I stole the rest of the wedding party for a couple photos.  Once we had everyone available, we took care of family photos before venturing out with the wedding party.  We walked up the road on the land and paused in a few places for photos, and no-one had their champagne glass run over by a car, nope, no-one.  I sent the wedding party away and kept Megan and Scott, and we continued around the road, looping back around via the neighbour’s property.  We found a some really good locations on our short walk.  All finished with photos, we made our way to Pictou Lodge.

The drive to Pictou Lodge from the property was something I had already done twice at this point, so I figured I knew it and turned off my phone (GPS) to save power and followed some of the bridesmaids.  As they passed what I thought was the turn, I figured I must have been mistaken and carried on.  They quickly realized it was indeed our turn and they pulled off into a driveway on the left.  I pulled off onto the shoulder on the right so I wouldn’t lose them.  The only problem was that what appeared to be a flat shoulder wasn’t even close, so you guessed it, my car was quickly on an incline that I couldn’t recover from.  I got out of the car just as Megan’s dad was pulling up.  To make a long story short, he gave me a hand trying to get out and calling tow trucks (which we couldn’t get a hold of) before letting me put my gear in his car and catch a ride to the reception.  I was very thankful he was there to give me a hand or I might have been sitting there quite a while just trying to find a tow, let alone getting to the reception.  This all happened at about 6:30, and I eventually got a hold of a tow truck around 11:00 and met them at the car with the help of pretty much the only sober person at the wedding.  There was no damage to the car, it was just stuck on a sandy slope, so at least I can take that as a positive out of a stupid situation.  I usually pride myself on staying out of the way, not drawing any attention at weddings.  This was not one of those days.

So at the reception, I was enjoying Scott’s father’s speech when he mentioned that when Scott wanted to learn to play hockey, he asked to be, and was enrolled in Larry Gazdig’s power skating in London, Ontario where he grew up.  I had to laugh when I heard that, as my grandparents lived just down the street from the Gazdig’s, and Larry is my aunt’s father.  Just when it seems like I’m living so far from home, a little detail like that makes the World seem so small.

The dancing got going thanks to the mad DJ stylings of Megan’s brother, and then came the fireworks, literally.  They had about a 5 minute show which everyone enjoyed before heading back inside to dance some more.  As the night came to a close, the laid back nature of Scott and Megan really came through as they invited anyone who wanted, to the beach for a bonfire.  Quite a few people made their way to the fire and I imagine a beer or two were had by many as the night went on.

Here are a few photos from Megan and Scott’s Wedding in Nova Scotia;




Brenizer Method Bride and Groom in PictouMegan getting her veil put onMegan with a Pictou Lodge bike in her wedding dressThe bride and bridesmaids all dressed in Ivory dressesMegan FlowersGetting readyHeading to the ceremonyThe beachSigns for the weddingWedding Ceremony location on the Ocean PictouWalking down the aisleMegan and her dadScott sees his bride comingBrides Parents giving her awayHalifax Wedding Photographer Dustin HallDuring the waterfront ceremonyHalifax Wedding Photographers Dustin Hall PhotographyWalking up the aisleChampagne toastBubblesBeautiful bridesmaids in Ivory dresses by the waterThe groom and his groomsmenWedding Party PictouHalifax Wedding Photographers Dustin Hall PhotographyPictou Wedding Photographer Dustin HallPictou Wedding Photographer Dustin HallHalifaxPictou Wedding Photographer Dustin HallHalifax Wedding Photographers Dustin Hall PhotographyPictou Wedding Photographer Dustin HallPictou Wedding Photographer Dustin HallHalifax Wedding Photographers Dustin Hall PhotographyWedding Photographers Nova ScotiaWedding Photographers Nova ScotiaHalifax Wedding Photographers Dustin Hall PhotographyHalifax Wedding Photographers Dustin Hall PhotographyA little footy while waitingWalking to the reception at Pictou LodgeWedding ringPictou Lodge Wedding ReceptionPictou Lodge Wedding ReceptionSunset with the bride and groomPictou Lodge Wedding ReceptionPictou Lodge Wedding ReceptionPictou Lodge Wedding ReceptionWedding fireworks at Pictou LodgeFireworks crew wrapping upPictou Lodge Wedding ReceptionPictou Lodge Wedding ReceptionPictou Lodge Wedding ReceptionPictou Lodge Wedding ReceptionPictou Lodge Wedding ReceptionPictou Lodge Wedding ReceptionPictou Lodge Wedding ReceptionPictou Lodge Wedding ReceptionBonfire on the beach at the end of the wedding

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