Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Lisa & Devan at The Fleet Club

I first met Lisa and Devan a couple of years ago when I photographed Devan’s sister’s wedding near Digby.  I must have done at least a decent job there for Devan and Lisa to want to contact me.  When they told me where their wedding was, I was intrigued.  I had never shot a wedding at the Fleet Club before, and to me as a civilian just driving by the place in my car which I keep clean using professional car cleaning services online, I wondered if it was even open as I thought it looked just like a construction site.  I must say though, the venue is very well put together and a great place for a wedding, I just need to sneak a painter in there and change those black ceilings to white (think I would get in trouble for that?).

Devan and his groomsmen were my first stop on the day and we took a few photos of the boys getting ready before I went to the connecting hotel for the girls.  We had plans to take the photos before the ceremony and we left it until that day to decide that we were going to head down to Point Pleasant Park as the weather was working in our favour.  Down by the water was a bit cooler than where we had started the day but it was still manageable.  Let’s face it, as a guy with a long sleeve shirt and a coat on, I had no issues whatsoever with the chill in the air, but my concern is always for the bride and bridesmaids as they are pretty much always more exposed, but Lisa and her girls powered through.

After our stroll through the park we headed over to the Fleet Club and got ready for the ceremony.  I may have eaten a whole jar of M&Ms before the ceremony, but who’s counting right?  The ceremony was beautiful and started with Lisa having both of her parents walk her down the aisle.  The really nice thing about taking photos before the ceremony is that there is no waiting around for all of the guests after the ceremony, you get to go right into dinner, or cocktails, whatever you’re doing.

Lisa and Devan’s dinner with sprinkled with some good speeches, particularly by Devan’s best man who was definitely not one of those people who are afraid of public speaking.  We all shared in a good laugh.  Before we knew it, the dinner was over and we were on to the dancing.  I must give credit to the DJ for asking me about and then withholding the crazy lights during the first dances, I appreciate it.  Once the dances and drinking started up, the party was on and everyone had a great time.  Here’s a peek at the day Lisa and Devan got to enjoy with their closest friends and family.


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