Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Kelsey and Justin

Kelsey and Justin held their wedding at Pictou Lodge in what I would call a family event.  I don’t think there’s a better way to describe the day.  When I arrived at the lodge, I found the atmosphere to be very relaxed.  There was a tent setup out behind Kelsey and Justin’s cabin and people were having barbecue and lobster, just relaxing like a family trip to the cottage.  The day was a scorcher with everyone feeling the heat, some were escaping the heat at the water while others relaxed in their air conditioned rooms.  Kelsey and Justin, well, they went out with me for photos.

Kelsey and Justin had their daughter Chloe with them and that could be why this felt more like a family event, or it could be because they did everything in their power to make the kids at the wedding feel welcome and entertained.  At the reception they had colouring books and toys for the kids and at the cocktail hour they had bubbles.  When it came to the dance floor, it was the kids who stole the show, there was this one little guy who showed up everyone.  I know there’s a growing trend to request people not bring their kids to weddings, and I understand that.  But this wedding was the flip side, this wedding was what a wedding started out being, not a day about two people joining their lives, but two families, and there’s something to be said for that.  I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the entire day and I know Kelsey and Justin’s guests did too.

Here’s a little insight into their celebration;



Wedding Rings on a RopePictou Lodge Wedding PhotographerPictou Lodge Wedding PhotographerKelsey in the Birch forestJustin in the treesPictou Lodge Wedding PhotographerHalifax Wedding Photographer Dustin HallRed Sky at night, sailors delight, red sky in morning, sailors take warningKelsey against the wallKelsey and Justin in the treesHalifax Best Wedding Photographer - Pictou LodgeKelsey and Justin at Pictou LodgePictou Lodge WeddingJustin and Kelsey in the Boat HouseKelsey and her daughterKelsey, Justin & ChloeKelsey, Justin, and Lobster TrapsFirst KissWedding celebrationLittle girl blows bubblesBubbles for the kids at the weddingA bubble in the airKids playing, looking at the bubblesBald Eagle at Pictou Lodge at DuskPictou Lodge WeddingFirst Wedding DanceBrother and sister danceKids dancing like pro starsKids dancingKelsey & Justin DancingDancing is for all agesJustin dancing with a little oneLike moths to a flameSilhouette of Justin and KelseyKelsey the bride with girlsPictou Wedding ReceptionKelsey dancing with the DJGetting DownKelsey dances with JustinShe played a starring role with this danceKelsey and Justin at Pictou LodgePictou Lodge Wedding ReceptionHalifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall - Lobster Trap

Carolyn Coyle - Great pictures Dustin!! Awesome shoot!

Matt - Brisbane Photographer - Love that first shot with the rings balancing!

Dollie K. Snider - Unless they are in the wedding party why would anyone, guest or the couple, want to bring kids anyway? Kids can’t seem to keep still long enough for a whole wedding and reception. They can be noisy, a big distraction, and why would a woman want to take 5 kids? A wedding is not daycare for the kids to run off on their own so the mom can get in some adult convo. Get a sitter.

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