Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Jessica & Mike – Burlington, Ontario

April 21st was forecast to be a cold and rainy day for the entire week before the wedding.  Fortunately for Jessica and Mike, the forecast changed and we avoided the rain for the most part (aside for a few sprinkles here and there throughout the day).  The ceremony was at St. Gabriel’s Church in Burlington with the reception being held at the Grand Olympia in Stoney Creek.

In between the ceremony and reception we went to 50 Point Conservation Area for a few photos, the girl in the front office was supposed to tell the limo where I went to setup, but she didn’t, luckily I wasn’t too hard to find.  Being down by the water was a bit cool and the ground was certainly wet but we managed.  After a few photos and laughs with the entire wedding party, Jessica, Mike, and I pressed on for some more waterfront photos.  Jess certainly had some ideas and I love that, I’m willing to try just about anything.  With our time being short, we made our way to the Grand Olympia for the reception.

Knowing that Mike is a big hockey fan like myself, I wasn’t too surprised to find the t.v. in the bridal suite tuned to Hockey Night in Canada when I arrived.  Unfortunately for us though, neither of our teams were in the hunt for the Cup by this time.  The entire wedding party was in a great mood and hilarious.  I got a good laugh out of the suggested grand entrance moves that were being tested out in the tiny bridal suite.  Eventually decisions were made and the couples came in to big applause, including of course Jessica and Mike who added a few extra moves at the end of theirs.  But those moves paled in comparison to what they had in store for everyone later in the evening.

After the funny and emotional speeches, including a tear or two, it was time for Jessica and Mike’s first dance as a married couple.  At first it looked like your usual first dance with the bride and groom holding each other and doing what I like to call the 2 step shuffle, you know, the stand in one place and go in a circle dance that everyone knows.  Then, as the song ended everything changed.  Mike and Jess pulled out some glasses and Mike had a big chain around his neck with the cutout of a dancer and then they started shuffling, the LMFAO version.  It was awesome.  They pulled up guests from their seats and onto the dance floor and just like that the party had started.

A little later in the night I grabbed Jessica and Mike (and their glasses) and had them follow me outside.  I had noticed earlier that a tree was in bloom with pink flowers and I thought it would be great for a photo and they were game.  We got a few shots which I absolutely love, and they went back to he dance floor.

The night would have been good if that was everything, but it’s not.  A certain groomsman, I won’t name any names (though I will divulge in photos below) did a special dance.  He had done a similar dance at a previous wedding because of a lost bet, but it was enjoyed by everyone so much that he was asked to perform again for Jess and Mike.  On the first go around, he danced to Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” and this time the music was a surprise.  I’m not sure what you would call the dance, I’m hesitant to call it a strip tease but that might be the best term, either way, it was to “I Touch Myself” and I’m sure there’s a video of it online somewhere too.

Here are a few photos from Jessica and Mike’s wedding:



Wedding Dress hanging in TreeWedding dress hanging in a treeBride getting ready through the windowBride Getting Makeup doneJessica, the beautiful brideStained Glass WindowStained Glass Window up closebride entering churchChurch WeddingBride and Groom First kiss50 Point Conservaton AreaLarge Wedding Party with UmbrellasLarge Wedding Party at Lake OntarioBride and Groom Portrait PanoramaBride and Groom on BoardwalkBride and Groom KissingBride and groom at the boardwalkGroom holding flowersBride and Groom shoesThe Grand Olympia Stoney CreekWedding CakeGroom watching hockey at weddingSiblingsWedding Ring on DogGrand entrance for Jessica and MIkeSpeechesMike doing childhood DanceSpeechFather Daughter DanceFather Daughter Dance and kidsMother Son DanceFirst dance bride and groomFirst dance bride and groom choreographedDancing WeddingBride Dancing Wedding, glassesDancing WeddingHaving some wedding funLove when brides and grooms have some funWedding receptionPictures of people taking picturesGarter TossFlaming sambucca and Cinnamonwedding reception flower girlwedding reception best manBride Jessica DancingWedding ReceptionUmmm ya, crazy strip dancing thing...funnyBride and groom dancing at receptionGroomsmen DancingWedding ReceptionGirl running at weddingWedding DancingA little bit of wedding limboHalifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall


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