Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Autumn Days

With wedding season over and all the editing done, wedding albums designed and the files all backed up, I’ve got to find other things to do.  I really don’t need to find them, I’ve been putting them off all summer.  One thing that has recently cropped up is the raking.  Fall is my favourite time of year, I love the colours of the leaves, I love sweater weather, I love knowing that hockey season is coming…most years.

Having some of the biggest trees in the neighbourhood, we’re bound to have one of the biggest leaf piles in the neighbourhood too.  The pile I put together today didn’t even include the left side or back yards. It still produced 17 full bags of leaves.

When I decided to relive my childhood, I had already filled 4 of those bags.  The remaining pile was 13 bags worth and yes, it was a lot of fun jumping into the leaves.  Robyn was a good sport clicking the shutter for me with traffic going by, I know she felt silly and so did I, but it was totally worth it.  I avoided all the twigs in the pile and came out without a scratch.  I did have leaf crumbs in my hair, but that’s alright, my puppy Ginger loves leaves, so she was happy to see me.  Bagging the leaves did suck, but I was rewarded with a beautiful sunset.

Here’s a couple shots from today.


Dustin Raking the leavesLeaf PileLadybug shadowLeaf Pile in Nova ScotiaI made a few gifs of me jumping into the leaves, I thought you might enjoy these.Sunset over Dartmouth Nova ScotiaSunset over Dartmouth Nova Scotia

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