Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Angela & Michael

April is a tricky month, you never know if you’re going to be wearing shorts or winter coats.  This year is no different.  Angela and Mike had their rehearsal dinner on the Thursday before their wedding and I drove there with my windows down in 24 degrees of glorious sunshine.  Alas, when April 20th arrived, not only was the sunshine gone, but so was the warmth.  The weather network said that the temperature was 1 and felt like -8, but I feel that with the wedding being at Piper’s Heath Golf and Country Club, and open area, the windchill was likely below that.  We’re not facing those temperatures yet in this timeline, so hold on.

I arrived to Angela and Michael’s house in Milton to take photos of the guys getting ready and I was greeted by Mike and their dog at the front door, and then in the background; lots of laughter.  I immediately felt comfortable with all the guys and I was privy to some hilarious stories around the kitchen island while the guys had a couple drinks and got ready.  Once they were prepped, we took a couple photos and I went off to see Angela and her bridesmaids at Angela’s aunt’s house.

When I arrived (after my GPS wanted me to send me the wrong way down Trafalgar rd), I found a house packed full of family anxious to see the beautiful bride in her dress.  She was just about ready and anxious to get things going.  Michael and Angela had decided to see each other before the wedding and when he arrived, he waited at the bottom of the stairs for Angela to descend.  She did and he was thrilled to see her.  With the formalities over for the time being, we went outside and got our first feel for the cold.  It was not exactly pleasant, but we got everyone together for some family photos and then quickly back inside to warm up.  It wasn’t too long before we were on the long drive to Piper’s Heath Golf Club (alright, it was less than a kilometre).

The original plan was to take some photos of the wedding party before the ceremony, but there were already so many guests there and we didn’t want everyone to see Angela before the ceremony.  The ceremony itself was held outside under a tent.  In almost no time at all, Angela and Michael were Mr. and Mrs. Marchese and we made our way to the waiting golf carts to take us for photos.  One step outside and Angela turned around and came back in.  It is no easy task to go outside when it’s that cold in normal clothes, let alone a dress.  After a few minutes, she was convinced that going for photos would be a good idea despite the wind chill.  The girls put on a brave face and we went to the barn on the property for a few photos.  We quickly got through the pictures of the entire wedding party and sent them back to the clubhouse to have some liquid warmth.  Mike and Angela weren’t so lucky.  I kept them outside a bit longer, and then we went inside the barn.  The staff at the golf course were great, even bringing some hot coffee and snacks to the newlyweds to help keep them warm.  Even better was the warm car Tim (from Piper’s Heath) brought out to warm us up in.  I know my hands were nearly numb, so I can only imagine how cold Angela was feeling at this point.  We made one stop on the way back inside and got one of my favourite photos from the day.

Inside, the guests were having a great time and that continued well into the night.  The speeches were quite varied in the emotions they brought out of the guests, but I think the most memorable was from Angela’s mother.  I nearly cried as she spoke of Angela’s late father and how much he would have loved to be there, then we all joined in laughter from her stories.  The only speech that may have topped it would be Angela’s speech.  It had people in tears, tears of laughter.  I don’t know if she had anything written down, it felt off the cuff, but that was just perfect, I think it was about a 10 minute ab exercise for all the guests from all the laughing.

One thing Angela mentioned during her speech was how her and Michael spent their first date watching fireworks.  After her speech she gathered everyone on the patio under the guise of doing a big group photo.  I think a lot of people were not happy with me as they assumed I was dragging them outside into the cold for a photo.  With the help of the guys at Piper’s Heath, we counted down to the photo, and instead of me taking a photo, fireworks went off in the distance behind me.  I immediately dropped down off my 6 foot ladder and got some photos of Angela and Michael enjoying the show.  I absolutely love surprises, so I was happy to see a surprised Michael, simply amazed that his wife had pulled off such a stunt for him and their guests, it was fantastic.

I had a great time being part of Angela and Michael’s wedding, and I wish them all the best, I’m sure they will enjoy many years of happiness together.

Congratulations Angela and Michael!!!



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