Halifax Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – 2014 Retrospective

2014 was a crazy year, I photographed 27 weddings, the bulk of which were in Nova Scotia, but I also had a number of weddings in PEI, and Ontario.  My wife and I also welcomed a beautiful little girl into our family around the midway point in the year.  With so many weddings (my most ever) and a baby, there were many busy days and sleepless nights.  I have been learning how to be more efficient with my time and I’ve set some serious time management goals for 2015, hopefully I can hit those targets or I am going to start looking my age by the time 2016 gets here.

At this time every year, I enjoy going through all the weddings I shot over the past year and seeing the photos which trigger so many great memories.  It’s a big reminder to myself that photos play an integral role in the memories couples take from a wedding.  I am also reminded of how lucky I am to have worked with so many wonderful people.  It’s a great feeling to be so openly let into people’s lives, some just for a day, some for years to come.

My 2013 retrospective was 100 of my best photos chosen from less than half the number of weddings I covered in 2014, so this year’s collection took me a lot longer to curate, until my wife stepped in and powered through to help me out (I still had about 250 photos and I couldn’t eliminate any more).  I know some of you might have expected me to have some photos of my daughter in my best of 2014 post, but I’m holding off until her birthday before I do a big post about her, so you’ll have to wait on those ;).

Here they are, about 100 of 2014’s finest.


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