Halifax Newborn Photographer – Rider

This little guy’s name is Rider, he’s my nephew and the first child of my brother Brandon and sister-in-law Courtney.  We got to meet Rider while in Ontario for a wedding and we were glad to finally do so.  I had been in the area a few months prior to his birth for another wedding, and we did some maternity photos with Courtney.  The cute little guy was born in June, and if you’re Canadian, you know full well that June is Stanley Cup finals time.  The first time Brandon sat down with him to watch T.V. was the game where the Chicago Blackhawks (my dad’s team) won the Stanley Cup.  Ron MacLean, you should bookmark this for when Rider gets drafted.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

For our two photo sessions, we had incredibly different days.  The maternity session was on a beautiful sunny morning and we used a lot of window light.  For Rider’s photos we had the stormiest day in a long time with tornadoes touching down in the area and therefore we used mostly flash.  The difference is fairly significant as you can see in the diptych’s, but I think we ended up with some good photos regardless.

Here are a few photos of Rider, from belly to birth.



Courtney - Maternity PhotographyUltrasound pictureHalifax Maternity Photographer Dustin HallThe stormy weatherThe stormy weatherCourtney pregnant, then with RiderRiderHalifax Newborn Photographer Dustin HallHalifax Newborn Photographer Dustin HallHalifax Newborn Photographer Dustin HallBaby with Baseballs - CubsNewborn PhotographyHall Family PhotoRiderRider in a hockey helmet team CanadaRiderBrandon with RIderCourtney, Brandon, and Rider Hall

Grammy & Grampy - Great job. Love the little guy. Courtney & Brandon are cute too!

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