Halifax Newborn Photographer – Dustin Hall – Olivia

On October 15th, I was in Ontario for Jocelyn and Gabriel’s wedding.  While I was leaving Halifax I heard that my friends Jake and Heather had a baby.  I knew they were expecting, but figured I wouldn’t be around for it.  I offered to take some newborn photos for them.  They knew that I didn’t have my usual newborn photography equipment with me, so I was working with just my wedding gear.

Olivia was so cute when i got to see her at 4 days old.  She is the youngest baby I’ve had the opportunity to photograph (aside from my nephew Connor, but that was in hospital so it doesn’t really count).  We took a photo with each of Jake’s favourite team jersey’s; Dutch soccer, Patriots football (Tom Brady jersey which Olivia didn’t like) and a Canadiens jersey.  Jake and Heather are a bit of a rarity in that Jake is a die hard Habs fan and Heather a Leafs fan.  Only time will tell which side Olivia gets drawn to, but if I know Jake, he will make sure she’s a Canadiens fan.

I personally like black and white best for newborn photos (well most photos for that matter) so I decided I would post only black and white photos today.  Here are a few from our afternoon together.  I hope Olivia enjoys her first Christmas coming up :)


Halifax Newborn Photographer Dustin HallOlivia with her Olivia BookOlivia all cozy in a blanketOlivia looking aroundNewborn baby Olivia in a basketBlack and White Newborn PhotograhyMontreal Canadiens and Newborn OliviaFather and Newborn BabyDartmouth Newborn PhotographersMother and Newborn Baby OliviaNewborn HandTiny newborn baby feet in hands black and White

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