Newborn baby boy Connor

Halifax Newborn Photographer Dustin Hall – Connor

While in Ontario for a week, I met up with Shannon and Rich’s first born, Connor.  He came into the world a bit earlier than expected, but I know everyone was just happy he was a healthy baby. Although a week after he was born he got infected by some fungus on his feet, but his mother found a solution and the best fungus treatment, Read more here.   When I met him, he was exactly a month old.  Shannon and I only decided on when I was going to come over in the morning, so Rich was unaware and a little surprised when he came home to find an unknown pair of shoes by the front door.  I’ve known them for a few years now, my wife, Robyn, and Shannon, worked together and Rich and I would both be sitting in the parking lot at their office waiting for 5:00 to hit so we could take our respective ladies home.  Eventually we started talking to each other, and I got to know Rich a bit.  Shannon made the awesome cake for my wedding and then I shot their wedding so we have a bit of history.  I’m happy I was able to take some photos of this important evolution of their family.

Here’s a few photos of Connor:



Newborn baby boy ConnorConnor's HandHalifax Newborn Photographer Dustin HallNewborn baby boy ConnorPoor Bosco

Poor Bosco had to be locked up for the photos, but I didn’t hear a peep out of him.

Newborn Baby Connor's footHalifax Newborn Photographer Dustin HallNewborn ConnorHalifax Newborn Photographer Dustin HallHalifax Newborn Photographer Dustin Hall

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