Halifax Engagement Photographer Dustin Hall – Josie & Theron

Josie and Theron planned to do a winter engagement session.  We figured like most winters, that we would have ample opportunity to get what they wanted, which included an outdoor rink.  However, this hasn’t been a normal winter.  Whenever it has been cold enough to freeze the lakes, there hasn’t been any snow, and when there has been snow, it has typically been fairly mild.  We ended up just picking a date and deciding we would make it work regardless of the weather.  We were pretty surprised to have some fresh snow when it came time for the session, and we made plans to hit the Oval.  I had a whole bunch of ideas for the on ice portion of our session, only to show up there to find that the Oval was closed for maintenance.  It was literally closed from an hour before we started until an hour after.  There had been a lot of sun and above freezing temperatures that day and it had created a top layer of slush on the ice.

With that hiccup, we decided to head to Point Pleasant Park.  So we all hopped in the car and went to the park.  While there we took a walk around looking for some cool locations and even saw a Bald Eagle being harassed by a seagull.  I don’t think I had ever seen an Eagle in the city before then.  We finished up our photos and went back to the oval where my car was parked.  We hopped out there for a little snowball fight and then called it a day.  Here’s a little look at our session together.