Halifax Engagement Photographer Dustin Hall – Contest Winners – Beckie & Matt

When I met Beckie at the wedding show, she told me that she and Matt were going to be getting married in Cuba, so it only made sense that her engagement photos be in the winter for a completely different look.  Due to the large amount of snow we’ve had recently, a couple of my ideas for locations were under snow which was a bit too deep to navigate, so we decided on Shubie Park in Dartmouth.  A well travelled park, we didn’t have to worry that there would be no way to get around.

We met up on Saturday evening about an hour and a half before sunset which is apparently when 75% of Dartmouth brings their dogs to the park.  Luckily it’s a big park so we didn’t have any problems finding space for photos.  Beckie and Matt brought along their dog Tyson with them for the photos too and you could tell he really wanted to go for a sprint.  As we made our way around the park we took photos in various locations and Tyson got to meet a bunch of other dogs.  When we made it to the lake, we went out on to the ice and Matt took a long leash and tied Tyson to a tree nearby.  We found some really good light and got some photos I wasn’t expecting to get but am so happy we did.  All the while Tyson found some friends and seemed to be having a really good time.  So despite the freezing cold, I think we managed to successfully capture some good photos, Tyson made some friends, and a random dog found Tyson’s treats in a bag we left on the ground.  All in all it was a good evening.

I know Beckie and Matt had a bit of trouble keeping warm during our session, but they will make up for it with their wedding in Cuba where they’ll be trying to stay cool.  Here are a handful of photos from our shoot.



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