Halifax Lifestyle Photographer Dustin Hall

Fall day with Isla

As many of you are aware, my wife Robyn is pregnant.  She is due any day now.  My prediction was Saturday, so I’ve already lost the bet, though I always play Price is Right rules, so it’s closest without going over, and I’m on the under (at least from my perspective).  We can’t know when our second daughter is set to arrive, but what I can say is that Isla’s days as an only child are limited at best.  For all I know today was the last full day she will have as an only child.  It makes me tear up just writing that.  Isla is so excited for her time to be a big sister to begin, and she talks about it often, saying how much she loves the new baby, and how she is going to hold her hand, and sit with her on the couch, and play toys, and read together.  But I know that it’s not that simple, she will likely go through a period of resentment, and there will be hard times, especially where our attention is concerned.

I love Isla with all my heart and then some, and of course it’s hard to imagine loving another like I love her, hell, I’d say it’s impossible to imagine from where I stand.  But I know that will change very soon.  I know that my love for another child will not diminish my love for the first, it will just be a challenge to get that point across to a 2 year old, especially one not fond of listening at times, specifically times when she is upset.  Our lives are about to change and I have no clue whatsoever the things that are in store for us, but I do know that if by chance today ends up being the last day Isla has as an only child, she had a great one.  She played, watched cartoons, did crafts, went to the park, saw a bunch of the neighbours she really likes, even the dog she always wants to see.  Then we jumped in leaves for the first time, and she had an absolute blast.  The smiles on her face make me sit and look at my photos of her from today over and over again with a smile on my face.  I need to make a point of bringing my camera out a little more often at home, it’s always worth it.



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