Destination Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall – Andrew & Ciara in Ireland – Village at Lyons

When Andrew told me he and Ciara were getting married in Ireland, I jumped at the chance to photograph their wedding.  I had been to Ireland once before and loved it, so a chance to go back was a no brainer for me.  Getting there proved to be a bit of a hassle, but that’s another story.  When we did arrive, we met up with everyone at the rehearsal at the Church in Kilcullen and then went for dinner afterwards at a small restaurant in town.  Having had only 4 hours sleep in the previous 60 hours, Robyn and I called it an early night and rested up for the wedding.

On Thursday September 5th, I met with Andrew and his groomsmen at The Village at Lyons for a few pre-ceremony photos before going to Ciara’s parents house for some shots with the girls, and of course her family dog Nollaig.  Living in Canada now, Ciara clearly misses her dog as you would expect, so we made sure to get some photos of her and Nollaig together, both in their dresses.  Ciara’s dad took some people to the church and returned to get Ciara and her twin sister (and Maid of Honour) Aisling.  They were all ready to go when they got word that the guys hadn’t arrived at the Church yet, so they delayed a little at the house giving me time to go ahead and get ready for their arrival.  When I arrived, I saw Andrew and the groomsmen, so I assumed they had just gotten there as well.  It turns out that the rings were forgotten at the Village at Lyons (30 minutes or so away) and the wedding coordinator was bringing them and that was the reason for the delay, the guys had been on time well before the ceremony as planned.  Ciara wouldn’t find out until Andrew’s speech later in the night that rings nearly didn’t make it, at least it made for a good laugh.

The ceremony took place at the Church of the Sacred Heart and St. Brigid in Kilcullen, County Kildare, Ireland.  The church was beautiful, something I don’t see very often photographing weddings in Canada.  I love old buildings and this one is about the same age as Canada, so it’s definitely the oldest church I’ve shot in.  The ceremony went well and a receiving line was formed at the entrance to the church.  That’s when I saw they had a vintage car there to chauffeur them to the reception.  Before the reception, we went back to Ciara’s house for some photos in her father’s beautiful gardens.  Upon leaving, the driver of their car told me not to go the way he was going, that I’d be better off going the opposite way, and my GPS would re-calculate.  I of course thought that a bit odd, but did what he said and went the other direction, all the while checking my rear-view mirror to see if they were behind me on the highway.  I chalked it up to the driver not wanting to drive on the highway at 120 in that car, so he’d take the back roads, and he didn’t want me to follow and take forever as well.  Well, I was wrong, and by a long shot.  The reason he told me to go the other way, was because there was a surprise waiting for Ciara and Andrew from Ciara’s father and I couldn’t be there and make it for their grand entrance in time.

Ciara and Andrew arrived in style to their wedding reception to a loud cheer as their helicopter landed.  Yes, a helicopter, how awesome is that???  The only ones who knew about the surprise were Ciara’s father and the driver (his friend).  I must say, that’s the best entrance to any wedding I’ve ever been at.  We took a couple photos with them in front of the chopper before heading inside for some pictures and of course some drinks, and what Irish wedding would be complete without the bride having a Guinness?  That’s not to say it was the only beverage consumed, but let’s face it, when people around the world think of Ireland, they think of Guinness.  We spent a little time with photos, going to the private residence on site briefly and around the courtyard.  A quartet played music for guests during cocktail hour and sounded amazing from outside in the courtyard, so I presume they sounded even better inside.

Once dinner began, Dan, the Best Man, gave a little introduction which rolled into his speech.  I know I laughed pretty hard at some of his comments, many relating to things quite Canadian, like hockey, so I’m sure a bit was lost on the Irish guests, just as some of the speeches from Aisling and Ciara’s father were lost on the Canadians.  All in all, the speeches were good, and by good I mean funny :).  After dinner, the band started up and so did the dancing.  They were quite good, with a Mumford and Sons cover getting the biggest crowd on the floor.  The DJ took over after midnight and we all cleared out quite a bit later than that.

For me, this wedding was a little different than usual.  Having known Andrew for so long, and his brother Cory and his parents, I felt immediately welcome.  I also knew all but one of Andrew’s groomsmen, and 2 of them were my 2 best friends in high school.  We all live in different cities now, so it was great to catch up with them.  I am so happy that Andrew and Ciara found each other, and have managed to do what so many can’t, and overcame distance to ultimately be together.  Thank you for being great people whom I am glad to call friends.

Congratulations Andrew and Ciara!!!

International Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall in IrelandWedding Rings on Piano KeysChurch of the Sacred Heart and St. Brigid, Kilcullen, IrelandShowing up at Church of the Sacred Heart and St. Brigid, Kilcullen, IrelandSchool girl watches at the bride gets ready for the ceremonyInternational Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall in IrelandCiara and her father walk down the aisleThe ceremony in Kilcullen, IrelandChurch of the Sacred Heart and St. Brigid, Kilcullen, IrelandAndrew & CiaraWalking up the aisleHalifax Wedding PhotographersCiara and her dog NullegThe pup in her dressAndrew, Ciara, and balloonsThis is a hazard when wind and balloons mixCiara at her parents houseAisling and Ciara, twin sistersIrish Wedding Photographer Dustin HallBack seat of the car kissChampagne toast before the drive to the receptionKissVintage car driving Andrew and CiaraCiara goes to get out of the carAndrew helps Ciara out of the carInternational Wedding Photographer Dustin Hall in IrelandInternational Wedding Photographers Dustin Hall Destination IrelandAndrew helping Ciara with her dressAndrew noticing a twig in CiaraHelicopter entrance to the weddingCiara, Andrew, and their helicopter wedding entranceVillage at Lyons wedding photography with a chopperThe Village at Lyons in IrelandThe Village at Lyons in IrelandCory and Andrew, brothers having funCiara, the bride, with a GuinnessGroomsmen at the Village at LyonsWedding shoes, all in blackBride Ciara and her bridesmaidsDestination Wedding in IrelandCiara and Andrew Village at LyonsCiara and Andrew Village at LyonsHalifaxUnder the veilIrish weddingsCiara and her bridesmaidsCiaraCiara and Andrew, marriedIrelandLove in IrelandCiara in her dressVillage at Lyons the laugh of Paul hereGuinness for StrengthCiara and Andrew in IrelandCiara walking down the stairsWedding cake and cupcakesAisling and Ciara during speechesVillage at Lyons wedding receptionVillage at Lyons at nightCheersWedding receptionFirst dance timeFirst dance timeAndrew and Ciara having a good timeIrish dancingWedding reception lightingPaul and ErinDancingUm...yeahThen this happenedPretty girls dancingJust some casual shotsWith adverse effectsJohnny and Andrea dancingJackie and Terry dancingCiara and her father danceCiara and her father danceCiara and her father danceGuysThe awesome bandCory having the best dance of his lifeJeff and JohnDancingCiara and her friend dancing in the lightsThis happenedAndrea, Robyn, and Ciara, dancingDancing from aboveCiara and Andrew dancing with Aisling and her mother holding the dressWedding in Ireland, and a great oneTerry, centre stageGuinness, advertized by JeffBridesmaidsErin, Ciara, and AndreaAndrew and Ciara dancing with their guests

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Sheila Knight - You’ve done a fantastic job Dustin! The quality of the pictures is awesome, you have a great eye for detail and composition. I hope your trip home was less difficult than going to Ireland. Many thanks to you (and your lovely ‘assistant’ Robyn) for creating these wonderful memories.

Elaine Smith - Absolutely beautiful.. Photos certainly tell the wedding story of 2 special people.

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Mark Pacura - Fantastic coverage. So many great moments captured.

Caryn - I just love how vibrant and green everything is! What a lovely couple, and what gorgeous work!!

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Anton Chia - Amazing wedding! Great moments and top class work there!

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Dominique / York Place Studios - Those puppy shots are seriously cute! Great captures x

Joseph Hall - Helicopter and Guinness – it can’t get much better than that! lovely wedding!

Jon Yoder - Beautiful work Dustin! So fun. :)

Stephen K. Shefrin Photography - Great wedding, looked really fun.

Chris - Smudged Photo - Beautiful colours throughout. Great work.

Portland Wedding Photography - Very beautiful photographs Dustin! Amazing shot… Specially that silhouette at the church.

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