Burlington Photographer – Cinnamon is ONE Year old today

Today is my little Cinnamon’s first birthday.  Cinnamon is my dog, she’s a Yorkie, even if she doesn’t act like one.  When people see a small dog, they typically think it’s a yapper, but we got lucky.  Cinny doesn’t bark very often at all, usually just when she’s startled (like when she’s sleeping and a door slams), or when I’m playing with her and giving her my evil eyes.  She’s generally a good puppy and loves people, she gets so excited and gets on just her hind legs and wags her tail like crazy, you just need to see it to understand.

I remember the first day we went to pick her out.  We had seen her on the Fancy Face Sentimental website and picked her out based on her cute face, and when we got there all of the other puppies jumped up against the pen and were barking.  Little Cinnamon was sitting back by herself just watching.  I was sure then that she would be the one we were going to choose, and with Robyn’s approval, we did.  About a week later we came back to get her.  I must say, I felt absolutely terrible taking her.  I kept thinking about how sad she would be not being able to see her mother or siblings, but I knew she would have a good home with us.

The first day we had her home was December 4th 2009, and in those past 9 months we’ve learned a lot about taking care of a dog.  I never knew how much I could love an animal.  The house feels lonely when I’m home and she’s not, and it’s weird to go to sleep when she’s not cuddled up next to me.  She’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, so I decided I would share a bunch of pictures from her first year, starting with the first day we brought her home up until today.

If anyone’s interested in a Yorkie, it looks like our breeder has 3 puppies available.  The father of 2 of them is Cinnamon’s father and they actually look like her too.  I wish we could get them too, I love puppies!!!

One thing that was good about the breeder was that she said that if there was EVER any reason we could no longer look after Cinnamon, we could take her back there and she would either take care of her, or find her a new home.  I don’t ever intend on giving Cinnamon up, but it’s nice to know that she would would have a good home just in case.



Cinnamon’s first day home

This was her first time on the window seat which has become her favourite place during the day

Cinnamon with 2 of my favourite things (not in this order) Photography and a Penguins Stanley Cup.  She’s sooooo small!

Robyn took this photo one day when Cinny and I were cuddled on the floor napping

This was Cinnamon’s first time playing with her sister Sophie since we took her home.  Robyn’s boss picked Sophie up from the breeder about two weeks

after we brought Cinnamon home.  I brought Cinnamon into her office one day and there was no way she could resist.

Cinnamon had just finished watching the women win gold in hockey and decided she wanted to play too

Cinnamon (left) and Sophie (right), are exhausted after having a good play

This was the day Cinnamon had her first (and only so far) haircut.  We’re going to get her another one very soon

Last week our friends brought over their dog Cider to meet Cinnamon and they had a blast.  I couldn’t help

laughing after seeing this photo.  Cinny’s wet after Cider drank some water and licked her face

The birthday girl :)  She got some specal treats today and she loved them.  I’m going to go give her a big hug right now.

P.S.  Don’t buy puppies from the pet store, they are not treated well and are more likely to have behavioural problems among other things.  You may feel like you’re ‘saving’ an animal, but you are just encouraging the stores to buy more puppies and treat them poorly too.  Please, for the animals’ sake, go to a reputable breeder (not a puppy mill) or your local animal shelter where you actually can save an animal.

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