Christine & Rob’s Wedding at Geraldo’s in Burlington, Ontario

There is simply no denying it; some weddings are more humourous than others.  Christine and Rob’s wedding was definitely near or at the top of the funny list.  It tends to happen a bit more easily when you have a large wedding party, and they had 13 people in theirs.

I met up with the girls at Christine’s parents and at 12:30 it was already very hot.  The bridesmaids were glad that their dresses weren’t full length, but they were still roasting, and we hadn’t even gone outside yet.  As the girls had their makeup done, Christine made sure the girls kept the mood light by suggesting it was just a regular day, nothing to get emotional about.  I think it worked for the better part of the day.  We did a few photos at the house before heading to Geraldo’s at LaSalle Park in Burlington.

When I arrived at Geraldo’s, the guys were all hanging out on the patio working on the age old wedding problem of how to make a heavy boutonniere stay up with only 2 pins.  The guys were doing what guys do and cracking jokes from the get go.  As we took a few photos in the shade, we were running ahead of schedule, and then realized the girls were already there, sitting in the limo in the parking lot.  We could have gotten the ceremony started 15 minutes early if they had wanted.  But it was a Friday afternoon and traffic was heavy, as you might expect, so we waited a little bit to make sure guests had time to arrive.

The ceremony was outside on the patio where it certainly felt cooler than in the direct sun, yet some people still had drops of sweat dripping from their eyes.  Unless those were tears… but it was just a regular day so I’m going with sweat.

We did family photos, and then took the wedding party for a few shots before sending everyone back to get drinks.  I kept Christine and Rob and we took another 15 minutes to get some pictures with the two of them.  We made sure to keep that time to a minimum so they could spend as much time as possible with their friends and family.  When we got back to Geraldos, Christine and Rob had their first dance on the patio, and they also had a very special moment where Rob grabbed a guitar and stepped up to the mic and sang a song to Christine.  I personally thought he sounded like Eddie Vedder, but I don’t know what other people thought, maybe I’m nuts.  Either way it was an awesome rendition of The Beatles’ ‘There are places I remember’.

Upstairs at dinner, they had a game to get Christine and Rob to kiss.  You had to grab a name out of a cup and kiss that person.  Of course, the game was rigged and Michael Rodriguez, whose name was on every piece of paper, had to kiss quite a few people, mostly men.  I think Noel, the MC was to blame(credit) for the antics.  Noel did an amazing job as MC and had everyone laughing, but the laughing didn’t stop with him, I don’t think I have ever laughed as hard at a wedding as I did that night.  I was literally in tears laughing at different points, especially when Rob’s brothers spoke.

When it came time for Christine and Rob to speak, the tears came out again, particularly when Rob spoke about his parents and his guitar story, and when Christine spoke about her late father.  There were a lot of memorable moments from the wedding day as a whole, and those speeches will stay with me for a long time.

After the dinner, Rob’s cousins got the music going and the party began.  I wasn’t there late that night but I can imagine that there were a lot more stories told, and even more tears of laughter.  It’s always fun to see such a good group of friends and family.  They are all the kind of people you can’t help but like.  I’m so glad that a mutual friend of mine and Christine’s, put my name out there to shoot their wedding, and even happier Christine and Rob let me be a part of their day.

Congratulations Christine and Rob!!!


Hit it Cam!

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Rob Brown - Dustin,

I just wanted to say great job. I dreaded pictures that day (or any day for that matter) but you made the experience more enjoyable with you sense of humor and speed. I cant tell you how many times I have heard since the wedding how much people are impressed by your ability to sneak up and capture the best moments, these pictures are a testament.

I will happily refer you to any friends I have that are planning on getting married.

Thanks again,


PS. Really enjoyed reading the re-cap your wrote, glad you had a good time!

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