Canadian Travel Photographer – New Brunswick

I am currently working on an upcoming post with some of my favourite images from 2010, and in doing so I came across some photos from September that I hadn’t blogged.  I was a little busy with some wedding photography and the like at the time and that’s more important than personal projects.  So I realize that this is the second post in a row that is neither a wedding, or an engagement session nor is it in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, Toronto or anywhere in the GTA, but I’ve got some local work coming up in the next couple weeks, so keep checking in.  I will be shooting a wedding in Kitchener on the 27th, and once I have that wedding done, I will be able to complete my 2010 favourites post I was referring to. 

The below photos are from a few days I spent in New Brunswick in the middle of September.  I wish I could have been there a couple weeks later as Autumn had just begun and most of the trees were still green.  I started off in Fredericton, and made my way North across the province to Bathurst and back to Fredericton via Edumnston.  It was my first time in New Brunswick aside from driving through.  If I were to go back, I would like to check out Moncton and the low tides in the area, I hear it’s beautiful there.

Here are some of my photos from the trip.


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