Canadian Travel Photographer Dustin Hall in Ireland – Day 3

I’m working on trying to catch up on my posts, we had a day without internet, and a night with crappy internet, so that put me behind.

Day 3 feels like so long ago now, it’s hard to remember what happened, hopefully I don’t leave anything good out.  So we stayed the night in Clifden and had driven part of the ‘Sky Road’ the night before in the rain, so we decided to give it a go again in the morning.  We once again had rain for the most part, but we had some sunshine come through for a few moments, it made the view nicer.  I bet the view from the road would be amazing on a clear day.  At one point on our drive we came around a corner to find a handful of sheep on the road, we got a good laugh at that.  Apparently the grass beside the road is the tastiest.

After finishing up in Clifden, we made our way to Doolin via Galway.  We stopped at Kylemore Abbey for a bit and got soaked during a sudden downpour.  One of our umbrellas was sacrificed when we tried to use it as the wind was just too strong.  The Abbey was pretty cool, it almost looked fake sticking out from the mountain, but I assure you, it was quite real.

We had thought to stop in Galway but I’m glad we didn’t, there’s just too much traffic, and I had, had enough of roundabouts, I think I had to go through something like 12 fair sized ones to get through the city.  On the plus side, I did figure out where I need to be and how to signal by doing that.

We made some stops along the way and pulled into Doolin something like 3:00pm.  We stayed at Riverside Cottage which is in a perfect place just steps away from the strip that is Doolin.  Best of all, it’s only about 15 minutes from the Cliffs of Moher, one of the best places in all of Ireland.  Of course, we went there right away.  It cost us 12 Euro to park the car there and get in, which was pretty steep, but we figured worth it.

The winds pretty much everywhere have been pretty strong, so it was no surprise that the cliffs were extra windy.  You honestly had to lean your body on a 30 degree angle just to stay upright at times.  I’m known to often disobey the signs regarding fences etc.  but there was no way I was going to at the cliffs. The light wasn’t the best with all the rain while we were there and then the bright sun, so I wasn’t exactly ‘happy’ with my photos at the time, but I wanted to come back for sunset anyways if there was a sunset.  We went and had dinner at Gus O’Connor’s Pub in Doolin and then rested a short while before heading back to the Cliffs of Moher for sunset.  We got there a bit early and had to wait for a bit, but it was hard to tell where the sun was behind all the clouds.  On the plus side, they cliffs ‘closed’ at 7:00, so there was no-one to pay for parking, so it was free :).

Eventually the sun broke from the clouds and we got a great sunset.  I am very happy with the photos I got at the cliffs now.  The place itself reminds me of Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve that we visited in Newfoundland last year, though there were more restrictions in Ireland, and it was busier.  After being frozen at the cliffs, we went back to our B&B and Robyn warmed up with a hot shower and I went and took some dusk photos of the town.  When I came back I ended up having a nice long conversation with the owner of Riverside Cottage, Breda, and her daughter Ann (sorry if I got that wrong).  I hadn’t intended on talking so long, but they were really nice, and I even learned a few things.  When I got to bed I fell right asleep, the bed is wayyyy more comfortable than our bed back home, it makes me want a new one actually.  Maybe when I get home we’ll get one.

Here are a bunch O’Photos from our 3rd day in Ireland.



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